The Lion’s Gate Portal 2020

The Lion’s Gate Portal 2020 is a high frequency astrological alignment providing us with accelerated energies for evolution. From July 26th-Aug 12 we will experience tremendous shifts personally and collectively. The portal opening peaks on 8/8/20 so we will feel this energy the most on or around this day.

Sirius B, known as our Spiritual Sun shines 26 times brighter and is twice the size of our Sun. The number 26 is a significant synchronicity since the portal opened on July 26th. Notice and be aware of this number popping up in your reality because your Spirit Team is sending you a message. Sirius will transmit high frequency light codes, or, information to earth which will have an effect on our DNA, ascension and awakening rate. This alignment is associated with abundance, transformation, energetic freedom, and rebirth. The number 8 represents infinity and knowing that your soul is on a Spiritual Journey for eternity.

Earth’s weather patterns are also impacted by this cosmic energy and we will see an increase in hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, fires, and other natural disasters....all indicative of the emotional release due to the powerful Cancer astrology which preceded the opening of the portal.

What to expect during this time:

  • Energetic Ups and Downs. Go with the flow and allow time and space for emotional release.

  • You are no longer able to live a lie and stay comfortable. This energy offers us support in living authentically.

  • Healing of old emotional wounds from this and previous lifetimes. Finally, many of us will be free of issues and problems that have plagued us for a while.

  • Connecting to Soul Tribe. You may feel this urgency to step out of misaligned relationships and reach out to like-minded people.

  • Visitations from deities and ET’s. This will all depend on your openness and free will. Positive entities will NEVER violate your personal boundaries. You must ask for help and also ask the entity if they are of the light or not.

  • New technology. Use discernment with new technology. We know “they” want us to get used to taking orders from machines. Homeschooling, SIRI, and “Smart” anything are examples of this. We need these things in our society but keep it in balance.

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