Energy Reading for 5/28-5/29/20 - Healing in Chaos


The Sun is connecting to asteroid Chiron, the Wounded Healer who acts like a planet in Astrology. Mercury moves into Cancer then makes quincunx to Saturn in Aquarius. This is a great time to begin consistent healing work of all kinds. The impact of the pandemic on people is very personal and different from everyone. Mercury in Cancer will be helping us examine out triggers for the next few weeks as he prepares to go retrograde. As a collective, we are starting to understand that our world needs healing. This transit makes us more empathic so the news could make you overly emotional. Information about our home and family life is the most valuable for us now. We could also see more support groups starting up to provide safe places for people to talk about their experiences with this pandemic. Inner child issues can be triggered. Choosing to see this as an opportunity to examine and heal these wounds will help you navigate this energy.

Oracle & Tarot -Psychic Tarot

Universe/The World-Major Arcana

Bottom of Deck: Intuition/High Priestess-Major Arcana

The Universe or The World Card indicates this healing cycle we are going through as a collective is most positive. Although it has to hurt to heal on this ascension journey, we are being guided every step of the way. True healing requires shadow work; seeing into the darkness just like the High Priestess on the Intuition Card. The Universe card is connected to Chiron bringing in cosmic, healing support for this challenging part of our journey. A major aspect of healing is related to remember that you are the Universe and the Universe is you..literally. We are physically made of “stardust”. This remembrance requires shutting the door on all the distractions to really connect to your Higher Self. These cards also indicate that we know as a collective that the world has been changed forever by the pandemic. Trusting that your intuition is on point will help you to stay emotionally balanced as events continue to unfold for our highest good and evolution. Be willing to heal and refuse to continue in cycles of victimhood. Your vulnerability is a strength when combined with emotional intelligence.

Crystal - Rhodizite

These crystals are small but mighty. Rhodizite is a Third Eye and Crown Chakra crystal that can help you open your mind physically and Spiritually. As Mercury hangs out in Cancer for his retrograde, we can really use this energy to enhance psychic gifts and make positive changes in our emotional lives. Rhodizite amplifies the energies of other stones so combine them with other stones that will help you with healing and transformation. This crystal will also help you connect to past lives so you can get information that can be useful to your healing process now.

Spirit Animal -Turtle

The Turtle Spirit comes in to help us release emotional burdens and cycles. Mercury in Cancer is a time of retreating, mental healing, and focusing on family. Turtle Spirit also helps us stay grounded in times of chaos. Inner child healing and connecting to Divine Feminine energies are also associated with this wise, sacred animal. As Mercury slows and we approach eclipse season, Turtle Spirit is asking us to pace ourselves and to “go into our shells” sometimes so we can reconnect to natural cycles of life.

Angel# - 623

This a life harmony number. Like the Turtle Spirit, Angel 623 speaks to rest, meditation, and strengthening your Spiritual communication with your Higher Self. Know that you are on the right path so trust yourself. The Universe has given everyone gifts and talents to share with the world. Allow yourself to heal so you can have the confidence to live your purpose.


Healing and evolution are two of the main reasons our souls choose to incarnate on planet Earth. We knew there would be chaos, setbacks, pain, and disappointments before we got here. The Spiritual amnesia we have when we are born is necessary for us to cycle back to who we really are-through the lessons these negative events teach us. It’s the shedding of these lower aspects that lead us back to us. Healing takes time, so pace yourself. Your soul has an eternity to figure it out.

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