9/8/20 Planetary Energy Update - Venus in Leo - You Are My Sunshine


Passionate Venus is now in larger than life Leo until Oct 2nd.

Venus is all about the best things in life: love, beauty and abundance. Fire signs will definitely get an energetic boost from this transit . Venus in Leo is romantic, making people more confident in their emotional and sexual expression. If you are into casual sex and hookups then this transit can attract partners on the same wavelength. Leo energy can also be overly confident and selfish. You may notice an uptick in drama queens and people who like to argue with their lover in public. People will be acting grandiose and doing the most! Unfortunately, Venus in Leo gives Narcissists some power so empaths beware. This is a wonderful transit for practicing radical, grandiose self love. Venus also increases finances, especially if she is transiting one of your money houses. Leo is a fixed sign so they can be stubborn, controlling, and arrogant. Remember the golden rule and don’t be a tyrant

Oracle & Tarot -Angels and Ancestors

  • Lady/Empress in Tarot

  • Knight

These two cards coming out together represent the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and the different levels they are on right now. The Twin Flame counterparts are each coming into their power individually. The Lady represents Venus and the Divine Feminine confirming that this is a time of love, abundance and fertility. Divine Feminines are healing from past significant financial and emotional setbacks that presented on the ascension journey for growth. This has put them ahead of the Divine Masculine from an energetic perspective. The Knight represents the Divine Masculine energy knowing they must do what’s right so they can come into union with their Divine Feminine. The Knight on this card is crying because he knows that this necessary healing work will not be an easy process, but he must do anyway and do it afraid. Venus is Leo is teaching the Divine Masculine that vanity, pride and arrogance (all lower aspects of this transit) are only expressions of fear. He has the sword in front of his heart which may seem honorable. However if he holds on too tight (representing the stubborn, fixed energy of Leo) then he will cut himself and block his heart. The Knight has on armor and cloak, blocking the healing energies from coming in. The Divine Masulines are being asked to be brave and vulnerable, unafraid of emotional healing and connection. The Knight also represent someone beginning to embark on a Spiritual journey. The Lady is turned away from the knight. She is not waiting for him to do his healing. She understands that he is on a journey and she will not remain stagnant for him to catch up. She is going on about her business, knowing her worth, and trusting in Divine Timing.

Crystal - Rhodonite

Rhodonite is a calming, Heart and Solar Plexus Chakra Stone. Known as the rescue stone boosts self confidence and courage. Use Rhodonite during meditation to receive relationship guidance. Rhodonite boosts fertility and balances overactive emotions. This is also a support crystal for healing codependency and abuse issues. Rhodonite is refined like the Lady and Venus in Leo. Like Venus in Leo and the Lady card, Rhodonite stimulates fertility. This is a great crystal for gaining clarity regarding emotional “situationships”. Rhodonite removes heart chakra blockages and purges low vibe emotions like anger, jealousy, and resentment.

Spirit Animal - Hippo

Hippo Spirit shows up when someone is hiding their feelings. Hippo and Venus in Leo will not support you in deception and/or emotional repression. Like Venus in Leo energy, Hippo Spirit is loud and flamboyant. Just like the Knight, Hippo can help you to be brave and honest in your love situations. Hippo Spirit helps you overcome obstacles and never give up, especially if you feel like something is meant to be...but don’t force anything. Hippos Spirit also confirms and represents fertility. Call on Hippp to help you with honest communication and expression. She will help you find the perfect words. Hippo also helps you release stagnant energies. Don’t wait for anyone to do what they need to do. Live your life and what is meant for you will come to you.

Angel# - 804

Angel #804 is a completion number Many of us are wrapping up karmic relationship cycles in 2020. Be brave enough to move forward Like the Lady card, Angel #804 is helping you manifest abundance of all kinds reap rewards based on past work. Angel #804 also speaks to removing yourself from stagnation and find more joy, love, and creativity.

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