9/5/20 Planetary Energy Reading - Mercury in Libra...Back, Back, Forth and Forth


Mercury is now transiting relationship oriented Libra until Sept 27th. Mercury will move into Scorpio on Oct 13th where he will retrograde back into Libra on Oct 27th. There will be more thinking and communications regarding relationships of all kinds. One of the shadow aspects of this transit is indecision, especially when it comes to major changes. The Libra scales like to weigh all the options to make sure things are fair. This could result in missed opportunities and an inability to make a solid commitment. You may think the grass will be greener on the other side. This energy can also be ripe for people pleasing and other passive aggressive behaviors. Accountability and taking action is the only way to begin to resolve relationship issues. They won’t just disappear. Avoid procrastination, as it is the thief of time...and honesty saves everyone time. This is another time where it is recommended that Empaths limit conversations with or avoid overtalkers. Mercury in Libra makes us more friendly and helps us improve our negotiation skills.

Oracle & Tarot -Psychic Tarot

  • Truth Card, Judgement,

  • Accelerated Motion, 8 of Wands, reversed

  • Heartache and Loss, 3 of Swords

All 3 women in these cards seem to look like they are making a decision of some sort. Maybe you are dealing with a stalemate relationship issue. You don’t know what to do. For some, any decision you make will result in a loss for someone. Some of us have let go of the negative thinking and limitations because we made it through a time of heartache and loss which has made us stronger and wiser. Some of you are resisting the changes you know you need to make. Before you can make any decisions, you have to take accountability for where you are. This spread could also speak to there being delays in major decisions due to Mercury going retrograde in October.

Use this Mercury transit to focus on your physical and emotional wellbeing. Like the Accelerated Motion card, there have been a lot of awakening energies coming to the earth .

Understand also that heartache and loss are a part of the ascension process. The worst traumas, heartaches, and losses always offer quantum leaps in your awakening

The Truth/Judgement Card is a major arcana card. Many people are experiencing an awakening and facing significant decisions that seem overwhelming. The woman on the Judgement Card is turned towards her destiny, fate, karma, etc. No one can do this for her. This card also speaks to believing that the Universe will match your desires.

Even though people have disappointed you, trust that they are getting their Karma for the purposes of healing, not revenge. The Accelerated Motion/8 of Swords in reversed is indicating that your limiting beliefs could be causing indecision.

The Heartache and Loss Card in this deck can also represent shyness and people pleasing. These are lower vibrational aspects of Mercury in Libra. These behaviors will only lead to being heartbroken and energy loss. The lady on this card looks like she is trying to keep her heart from completely breaking and leaking energy.

Crystal - Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire is a calming Throat and Third eye chakra crystal that helps you release mental tension and unwanted thoughts. If you're dealing with a legal issue (Truth Card), Blue Sapphire supports justice and quick decisions. Mercury in Libra can bring in contracts and negotiations. Blue Sapphire can help you make sure that you understand everything you are agreeing to or signing. Like the Truth card, Blue Sapphire is a crystal for restoring balance and increasing discernment, which may be needed with the Heartache and Loss card showing up.

Blue Sapphire is always a support crystal during times of great change.

Spirit Animal - Sea Urchin

Like Blue Sapphire and the Truth card, Sea Urchin Spirit increases discernment. Sea Urchin is patient and takes it’s time making decisions, but does not procrastinate. Sea Urchins are hard on the outside, and soft on the inside. This speaks to the balance needed between logic and intuition. Sea Urchin Spirit also helps you to obtain the information you need to make decisions.

Angel# - 512

Angel #512 is a clarity number. This number shows up when you have tricky choices and decisions to make. Your Angels are close when you see #512, letting you know that they are ready to support you with guidance. Like Mercury in Libra and the Truth Card, #512 is a number of justice and fairness. Trust that the decisions you make are in alignment with your life purpose. Angel #512 encourages you to release procrastination. The numerology of 512 is connected to the 8 on Accelerated Motion card. Embrace relationship changes and experiences as lessons that made you stronger and wiser. Angel #512 also speaks to being open to new connections.

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