9/4/20 Mars Retrograde in Aries...Planetary Energy Reading - Acute Shadow Work


Mars will retrograde his home sign of Aries from Sept. 9th through Nov. 13th. Mars is the action-oriented, God of War and he is going backwards after almost 2 years of forward movement. This can be challenging, but not necessarily negative. This is a time of reevaluating our intentions, actions, and goals wherever Mars is transiting. Do some of your goals need to change? Mars retrograde will be felt personally since Mars is close to Earth. It may be best to rely on the energy of Venus in Leo for consistent positive vibes. Mars retrogrades can lower vitality, passion and energy when negatively aspected. People that are already emotionally imbalanced will have a really hard time with this transit and may act impulsively. Collectively, there will be more challenges and chaos. People are just angry about world conditions, delays, and personal difficulties that have surfaced as a result of this pandemic. Elections are coming up so this will be a very interesting time indeed. On a positive note, we can use this transit for reflecting on our more complicated, lower vibrational emotions and what triggers them(anger, jealousy, resentment, etc). In other words, Acute shadow work for integration. This is also a transit that will bring up a lot of physical ascension symptoms which will push us into more self care. Stay organized and do what you know to do to maintain your vibration. Practice good nutrition, rest when needed, and stay out of drama.

Oracle & Tarot -Angels and Ancestors

  • Traveller

  • Druid

These two cards speak to the evolution opportunities presented with Mars Retrograde. Be willing to release burdens and recognize how much you have grown from challenges. Mars Retrograde and these two cards coming out represent the duality of this transit. Mars and the Traveller want to keep it moving, but the Druid appearing means it is necessary to slow down at this time. This can create a lot of anxiety. The Druid appears to have a worried look on his face as he is facing the lady Traveller on this card. He may be trying to give her some guidance but she may not be listening, which can be symbolic of people trying to resist this energy. The Traveller may be kind of “all over the map”. The Druid seems to be encouraging her to slow down and make a plan. Both of these cards speak to reflection, simplicity, and organization. The Druid is in the dark, which can also speak to the self mastery potential that comes from understanding and accepting your shadow. The lady on the Traveller card is facing the Druid card, almost indicating that she is taking a journey into the past to understand herself in the present. Mars retrograde will also present opportunities to journey into the darker aspects of ourselves for more understanding.

Crystal - Merlinite

Merlinite is a powerful Root Chakra stone for shadow work and understanding duality. Merinite allows one to gain clarity around the lower vibrational energies that can be released or revealed with Mars retrograde. Similar to the Druid card, Merlinite connects you to the natural world and elementals. If this Mars Retrograde triggers a “Dark night Of The Soul”, Merlinite can help you navigate these denser, darker parts of yourself. Mars Retrograde and Merlinte can help you to analyze past negative experiences from this life and previous lives for the purposes alchemizing that energy for enlightenment and growth. Use Spiritual protection and clear intentions when working with Merlinite so that your work is effective.

Spirit Animal - Butterfly

Butterfly Spirit is all about personal transformation. Just like the Druid and Traveller card, Butterfly Spirit speaks to the stages of life we go through. Sometimes we are moving, sometimes we are “Holding Space”. Butterfly also reminds us that all of our emotions and life stages are necessary and valid for our growth. Similar to Mars retrograde, Butterfly Spirit supports you in examining your goals and getting clarity on your life direction. Like the Angels and Ancestors cards, Butterfly connects you to your ancestors who can help you navigate challenging times with their wisdom. Butterfly Spirit encourages you to accept that shadow work and inner work are only aspects of your journey and not something to fear or stay stuck in.

Angel# - 561

Angel #561 is a change and release number. You may see this number when you are especially heated or experiencing intense ascension symptoms. Angel #561 encourages you to take advantage of this time for shadow work to release any residual fear and anger holding you back. Angel #561 boosts self reliance and awareness of your triggers, This number also encourages you to release stagnant energies and clarity your goals.

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