9/4/20 Daily Energy Reading - Quarrels


Venus in Cancer is squaring Mars in Aries. Known as the “Fucking and Fighting transit”, this energy can speak to disagreements in intimate relationships which are followed by passionate reunions. The increased sexual energy can also be channeled into creating things or participating in competitive sports. Mercury in Virgo is sextile to Venus in Cancer. This is great for taking a load off, socializing, and resolving conflicts.

Oracle & Tarot -Oracle of the Fairies: Protect Your Dreams

The Protect Your Dreams cards is referring to protecting your interests and needs in your intimate relationship. The fairy looks like she is daydreaming about someone she had a passionate connection with. She could also be distracted. Be sure that you and your intimate partner are on the same page when it comes to the connection itself. See past the charm and sense that person’s character. Like the Mars/Venus challenge in the Astrology, this card could also symbolize that there is something that you need to “get off of your chest”. Mercury and Cancer energies along with this fairy card ask you to speak from your heart.

Crystal - Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon Tourmaline is a cleansing heart chakra crystal. This beautiful multi colored stone removes insecurities that often result in confrontations. Like the Mercury/Venus connection, Watermelon Tourmaline helps you to resolve relationship issues as well as release depression and anxiety. Like the fairy on the card, Watermelon tourmaline is also great for connecting to nature spirits.

Spirit Animal - Shark

In this instance, Shark is showing up as a support and protection animal. Shark Spirit asks you to know your strengths and manage your weaknesses so that you can better anticipate incoming contention. Like the Mars/Venus transit, Shark represents the anger and hostility present in a relationship, often connected to a codependency issue. Don’t allow others to take advantage of your emotions. Protect your heart, just like the fairy in the card. Never allow anyone to make you believe that you have to deal with their bullshit.

Angel# - 143

Angel #143 asks that you maintain a positive viewpoint about your relationships no matter what you have been through. This number can also indicate that you may have to release someone that is trying to manipulate you. Don’t allow anyone to make you bitter. Angel 143 says if all you are doing is fighting, then it's really time to move on. Like Venus, Angel #143 also represents beauty. This number also shows up when you are entering into a positive new relationship phase.

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