9/17/20 Virgo New Moon... Money, Power and Respect


The Virgo New Moon is exact at 4:00am PST. Use the ritual times to work with this sensible, hardworking and practical earth sign energy. This new moon will bring financial developments as well. The moon is making a trine to disciplined taskmaster Saturn asking us to make steady progress towards our goals. Retrograde Mars is challenging the new moon and Saturn. We may see an uptick in protesting and conflict. “Respect existence or expect resistance”. On a personal level, allow the anger and frustration to fuel your passions. Fortunately, the Moon’s trine to Saturn is stronger than the Mars energy. Jupiter is also making a sextile to Neptune which speaks to hope, faith and optimism...but faith without works is dead. Mars and Saturn are also providing opportunities to heal sexual karma. Overall, this is great energy for shoring up your goals and plans.

Oracle & Tarot -Gilded Tarot

  • Firm Foundation/4 of Pentacles, reversed

  • Triumph/Strength - Major Arcana

*Firm Foundation/4 of Pentacles, reversed

This card speaks to greed and hoarding. Jupiter can speak to excess. More is not necessarily better. The man on Firm Foundation card has what appears to be an energy block in the lower back, indicating there may be frustrating material concerns that may be causing you to withdraw you energy (Mars Rx) We are reevaluating what we need as the Virgo energy helps us to declutter. This pandemic has really allowed us all the opportunity to focus on what really matters. Four of pentacles reversed indicates that there is a need to shore up your resources, especially with responsible Saturn here providing the opportunity to create more stability. Release money fears and focus on what you can do.

*Triumph/Strength - Major Arcana

The Strength card indicates that you have what it takes to overcome obstacles bring more stability into your world using your personal power and not force. Saturn aligning with this moon and the Strength card says to endure and to “Do It Afraid”. This card is also about self control and taming the beast of negative emotions that may come up with Mars Rx. Use your inner fortitude and endurance to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

Crystal - Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a comforting Heart Chakra crystal that helps you attract cash by removing self imposed limitations and apprehension. Like the Virgo New Moon, Green Aventurine will help you set and achieve any goals related to home finances, success. This lovely green stone will help you to work through any dense emotions that come up with Mars Rx. Like the Triumph Card, Green Aventurine boosts your courage to go after what you want. Take Green Aventurine with you to job interviews and important financial meetings.

Spirit Animal - Flamingo

Flamingo Spirit helps us focus on career and financial success. Flamingo is also helps us take charge of and process heavier negative emotions. Like the Triumph card, Flamingo helps you to find your purpose. Once you do, you will be unstoppable. Flamingo helps us focus and release things that are keeping us from growing. Let go of anything that is causing you stress. Money fears only block the flow to abundance. Flamingo indicates that money can come in from a collaboration of some kind

Angel# - 82

Angel #82 is a money and success number. When you see this number, stay hyper focused on your goals like a Virgo and you will manifest your desired outcomes. Your monetary needs will be met in miraculous ways. This number could also speak to trying to force manifestations, which could be possible with Mars retrograde. Release money and abundance fears and trust your Spirit Team to help you make ends meet. Angel #82 confirms that financial increase is possible with a new collaboration, or collaborating with your Spirit team to bring about your manifestations

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