9/12-9/13 Jupiter Direct in Capricorn...Planetary Energy Reading - Personal Development


Jupiter is now moving direct in Capricorn. Personal development is the cosmic message of this transit. Jupiter rules expansion, luck, optimism and abundance. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is earth energy: hard working, ambitious, reliable, resourceful. Representing the pentacle cards and the Devil card in Tarot, Capricorn can also be prideful, rigid, and prone to perfectionism. This is not the best placement for Jupiter, but he is beneficial nonetheless. Jupiter likes increasing and expanding our limits, while Capricorn energy is conservative, traditional and somewhat restrictive. Jupiter direct speaks to preparation, planning, and organization. Focus on creating structures in your life that work. Take advantage of using this energy along with Mars Rx in Aries to really get your shit together. Be more determined, more responsible, and more disciplined. Jupiter governs opportunities, but opportunities can be missed and are not guaranteed. Jupiter in Capricorn supports us in doing the work so that you are ready when opportunities present. Clarify your goals and create a solid, mature approach to realization and results. With Venus in Leo and Jupiter in his fall position with Pluto, there can be power struggles and concerns with personal status. Rise above distractions and pettiness. Focus on being practical, patient, reliable, and maintaining personal integrity with your goals.

Here are some additional channeled messages from Jupiter direct in Capricorn:

  • Greatness Rarely comes easy. Develop yourself.

  • Would you rather be tired or broke?

  • Motivation is fleeting, that’s why you must be disciplined.

  • You have to be extreme to be consistent.

  • Stay dedicated. It’s not going to happen overnight.

Oracle & Tarot -Angels and Ancestors

  • Sage

  • Great Teacher

These two cards represent the knowledge and wisdom available from Jupiter in Capricorn as it relates to personal development. Be open to learning both in formal and informal ways. When the student is ready, the teachers appear. These teachers can be actual people or our life experiences. The Sage looks happy and Jupiter in Capricorn is about loving your work. Like Jupiter in Capricorn, the energy of these cards is about dedicating time and effort to understanding yourself and this new world we are in. These cards also mean that you need to act on any guidance you are getting from Spirit. Take notes and keep a journal.When it comes to the Twin Flame union, the Divine Masculine is collectively going through a challenging time of testing. It may be necessary to retreat to focus on spiritual development so he can catch up with the Divine Feminine, who is usually more spiritually mature.

Crystal - Carnelian

Carnelian is an energizing and stabilizing sacral chakra stone. Use Carnelian to boost motivation, focus and vitality. This popular orange stone helps you feel the Capricorn vibes of ambition, drive and success. Like Jupiter in Capricorn, Carnelian is a great support for personal and professional development. Carnelian’s energy also mirrors Jupiter’s in that it helps you attract prosperity, resources and good luck. Carnelian also increases courage to help you overcome difficulties. Use it to break bad habits and improve your overall health

Spirit Animal - Beaver

Beaver Spirit is showing up to help jump start your motivation. Like Jupiter in Capricorn, Beaver is hard working, persistent, and jovial. Beaver advises you to check for “rotten wood”. Release distractions and clarify goals. Like Jupiter in Capricorn, Beaver reminds us to keep building because it won’t happen overnight. Beaver Spirit also speaks to work/life balance, learning from your community, and confidence in your abilities. Beaver says “Never take advice from anyone more messed up than you.”

Angel# - 162

Angel #162 is a purpose number. Brainstorm with your Spirit team and figure out what you need to do to achieve your goals. Trust the practical guidance that you get and act on it. Angel #162 increases your awareness of opportunities. Do not allow yourself to be held back because you are being lazy or you’re scared. Like Jupiter, Angel #162 is a blessing number indicating that your material needs will be met in unexpected ways. Like the Beaver, Angel #162 also speaks to work/life balance.

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