8/7/20 Daily Energy Reading- Venus in Cancer


Venus is now transiting Cancer until September 7th. Venus governs what we love and value. Venus in Gemini helped us discover the gaps between what we want and what we think we deserve. The emotional intelligence that we acquired while Venus was in Gemini is now being translated into our need for devotion, nurturing and genuine connection.Venus in Cancer comes with emotional ups and downs that can help you discover where you need more inner balance and peace. Self love practices will help you stay grounded. Family, relationships, and mothering energies are strong themes.

Oracle & Tarot - Material Harvest/9 of Pentacles from Psychic Tarot

The Material Harvest card comes in confirming the Venus in Cancer energies of pampering yourself and enjoying the fruits of your labor. Be grateful for the prosperity, peace and love that you do have. We are also wanting to work hard on our creature comforts and to be more prepared in our domestic lives. Cultivate more emotional stability within you by creating more beauty and abundance in your world.

Crystal - Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is a lovely heart chakra stone that helps you harness the power of Venus in Cancer by integrating physical and Spiritual energies of love and passion. This crystal is great for removing energetic blocks to your happiness and pleasure. Venus in Cancer is vulnerable and this stone can help you cultivate the courage to be open. Rhodochrosite promotes feelings of stability during transformation and emotional healing. Rhodochrosite helps you to focus on what is really important in your life.

Spirit Animal - Seagull

The Seagull Spirit shows up to remind you not to be greedy with your material wealth. Release poverty thinking as there is plenty for everyone. Focus on what you want and what inspires you. Seagull spirit encourages you to be vocal about what you want. See things from a higher perspective and recognize that everything has worked together for your good and growth.

Angel# - 602

This is a manifestation number. The Universe is rewarding you for your hard work. Your Spirit Team is supporting you with encouragement and guidance. Angel number 602 confirms that material increase is on its way. Trust the process and allow yourself to receive.

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