8/29/20-8/30/20 Weekend Energy Reading-Detox Pressure


Mercury in Virgo Trine Jupiter in Capricorn. Venus in Cancer is opposite Pluto in Capricorn.

There are different energies playing out this weekend. How you receive and respond will depend on your vibration. Mercury trine Jupiter speaks to feeling optimistic about good news. This Is also about adopting healthier habits. Venus in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn creates pressure in relationships which can make people from 0 to 100 and back in intimate relationships. This transit draws attention to temptations, addictions, and intrusive thoughts that may sound good but are NOT for your highest good. Obsessions and the dark sides of people come to the surface. We all have a darker side. Suppression creates obsessions, especially with Mercury connecting to Jupiter.

Oracle & Tarot - Oracle Of The Fairies: Temptation

The Temptation card brings good new and bad news. Good news: desires are natural and normal, we don’t have be ashamed of anything that we like as long as no one is getting hurt

Bad news: if what you are doing is causing harm to others then it will come back to you. No Karmic debt ever goes unpaid. This card could also speak to the temptations that result from boredom. My grandmother used to say: “An idle mind is the Devil’s workshop”. If you are dealing with any addictions or obsessions, ask the fairies to help you detox, restore balance, and release codependency.

Crystal - Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a cleansing Root Chakra crystal that stabilizes your aura. This is a great stone for restoring balance dispelling negativity. Red Jasper is a mental and physical discipline stone. Consistency and discipline are necessary for releasing addictions and unhealthy habits. Red Jasper guards against physical threats, jealousy, and helps control sexual aggressiveness. This is true for energies coming at you or you giving these energies out.

Spirit Animal - Seahorse

Seahorse Spirit shows up when you are being stubborn about making healing and healthy changes. The seahorse brings the good news that Self love is the solution. Seahorse helps us release codependency and take care of ourselves first. If you need protection when expressing your desires in relationships, Seahorse will support you in feeling safe being vulnerable and accepting of all that you are independent of anything outside of you. Seahorse Spirit is also a great support to fathers wanting to create a stable foundation for their children.

Angel# - 167

Angel #167 is a message from Spirit urging you to continue making healthy changes. Just be willing to make the changes, and the Angels will help you find a way out, through, over, etc. Angel #167 helps us to release the resistance to change which just makes things harder for us. Spirit is reminding us with this number that meditation will help you with your addictions, abundance, and clarity.

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