8/26/20 Daily Energy Reading - Optimism


The Moon is in optimistic and energetic Sagittarius today. The moon is in slightly hard aspect to Neptune so watch for deception and hidden energies, especially in your personal life (home, family, intimate partners). We are focused on the bigger picture. This is good energy for finally getting a rhythm with homeschooling and working from home if this has become a part of your day with this pandemic. Sagittarius lunar energy helps us feel positive about going with the flow.

Oracle & Tarot -Gilded Tarot - Seven of Swords

Seven of swords indicates that there may be deceptive characters in your life; people not keeping it 100 with you. Sometimes Sagittarius likes to exaggerate or take on more commitments than they can handle. Seven of swords also speaks to the need to plan and have a strategy to get the most important things done. Avoid procrastination by overestimating your abilities at this time. Seven of Swords can also indicate the need for thinking fast and going with the flow.

Crystal - Amethyst

A Crown Chakra Crystal, but great for all chakras. Know as the “All Healer’s Stone” Amethyst is a quartz variety crystal and Sagittarius birthstone that amplifies and expands energies. Amethyst provides powerful Psychic Protection and helps you control evil, deceptive thoughts

This is a great crystal for clear the aura of negative energies and attachments, especially the ones that try to attack us while we sleep.Amethyst is also great for releasing worry, stress and tension.

Spirit Animal - Elephant

Elephant Spirit is very Mothering and nurturing. Like Sagittarius energy, Elephant Spirit expands your awareness and senses. Sagittarius and Elephant Spirit both like research and helps you connect to hidden information on many levels. If there is deception you will know it. Female elephants are VERY aggressive and won’t hesitate to attack if they feel threatened. It’s hard to sneak up on them because they are so aware. Elephant Spitiy helps you to keep harmony in your home if you have a lot of situations going on.

Angel# - 116

Angel #116 is a manifestation number, reminding you that your thoughts create your reality. Sagittarius energy is very Spiritual so there is no need for you to feel confusion. Angel #116 encourages optimism, trust, and believing that your needs will be met. Don’t be deceived by obstacles and challenges in life. These are only tests. That’s the real purpose of deception. Ask Spirit to help you make the right choices.

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