8/25/20 Daily Energy Reading - Instincts & Insights


Mercury in VIrgo Trine Uranus in Taurus.This transit helps us to believe in the possibilities. You may see more synchronicities depending on how open you are mentally and what you know about synchronicities. Psychic abilities and “ah-ha” moments will also be heightened.

Venus in Cancer Oppose Jupiter in Capricorn. This is a party transit and welcomed after the intense Mars Saturn Square yesterday. Combined with the Mercury Uranus trine, this energy is impulsive, restless, and prone to overindulgence. Avoid spending too much money online.

Remember that life is for living...and anytime you spend having fun is time well spent!

Oracle & Tarot - Angels and Ancestors: Father Sky

Father Sky is coming out again! The impact of a Uranus aspect can be thought of as lighting. This card also relates to the increased access and communication with the Spiritual realms today. Eagle Spirit is one of the first spirit animals that began to appear to me when I was coming into my purpose as a teacher. Father Sky is giving us an urgent message to examine, heal and release restrictive beliefs and perceived limitations. Spirit will never give you more challenges than you can handle.

Crystal - Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony is a lovely Throat and Third Eye Chakra crystal that increases joy and fun. This quartz variety dispels negativity and confusion. Blue Chalcedony lifts the vibration of the spoken word. You can literally rub this stone on your throat and lips and feel the energy. Blue Chalcedony boosts telepathic and spiritual communication. Make sure you are using your discernment. Not every Spirit wants to tell you something good. Blue Chalcedony also boosts your immune system and calms restlessness.

Spirit Animal - Sea Otter

Otter Spirit is showing up as confirmation that this is a day to play and have fun. Otters are highly intuitive and act on their instincts. Whenever Otter Spirit shows up we are reminded that Self Love, play, and relaxation are essential to our well-being. Otter also helps you acquire the information you need quickly. Like the Mercury/Uranus trine, Otter helps you to find your unique voice.

Angel# - 153

Angel #153 is an encouragement number. The changes you are experiencing are divinely ordered. You are safe to make changes that are LONG overdue. Angel #153 reminds us that anxiety comes with the unknown. Perhaps you don't have all the information you think you need to make changes, or maybe you are afraid to go out and have fun because of the lockdown/pandemic. Maybe you are watching too much news or getting information from multiple sources. Ask your Spirit Team to help you sort out all the information so that you can do what’s right for you.

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