8/23/20-8/24/20 Daily Energy Reading - Masculine Choices


Mars in Aries is square to Saturn in Capricorn. This a harsh transit that can bring in possible frustrations, irritations and delays. Both planets are in their home signs so we will all feel this energy somehow. This transit is known to perpetrate violence and recklessness. Mars square Saturn says “What you resist persists.” These two malefic astrological energies coming together puts a spotlight on distorted masculine energies. We live in a world of polarity, so there are positives and negatives to everything. We can choose to focus on the higher aspects of this transit (hard work, patience, logic, strength, loyalty, the warrior, the planner, the leader) or the negative aspects (manipulative, emotional unavailability, aggressiveness, violence, ego). It is always up to us how we channel the energies that present to us.

Oracle & Tarot - Angels and Ancestors: Father Sky

Father sky represents the Universal Masculine. Father Sky asks us to release the need to control everything and trust that all is unfolding as it should. Although the illustration on this card is not a great representation of “God”, it does indicate the visual most people get when they think about God. We all know that God is Spirit; invisible and everywhere..not some old white man sitting on a cloud with a beard! We can choose to release this limited point of view, and all other restrictive beliefs. This card also reminds us again that we have a choice as to how to use this energy. We are the power.

Crystal - Shungite

Shungite is a very protective and powerful Root Chakra stone that is technically not a crystal but a mineral deposit. Like Mars Square Saturn, Shungite’s energy is very serious and can actually make you feel ungrounded if used with ill intentions. This stone aids in emotional well being during stressful situations by helping you to be self discipline. Shungite has potent detox and purification properties, both physically and for your intentions. It can even purify water. Shungite also helps you identify your unhealthy and low vibe personality traits that may be rooted in distorted masculine energies.

Spirit Animal - Rabbit

Rabbit Spirit shows up when we are dealing with heavy energies that have the potential to make us feel like victims, such as Mars square Saturn. It must be stressful to be a rabbit! They are very tasty treats for most if not all carnivores that can catch it. But that’s why they are so fertile. Rabbit Spirit speaks to planning and development based on past mistakes. Rabbits are also known to represent luck, success, and fertility. Like the Father Sky card, white rabbits symbolizes that you are being guided. Remember the white rabbit from The Matrix? Trust the synchronicities to lead you to the truth. Rabbit Spirit can also represent the distorted masculine energy of being non-committed. Are you hopping from one thing to another based on fear of the unknown? Trust in the Unknown.

Angel# - 85

Angel #85 is a personal development number.There may be some restraints and blocks with this Astrology, but changes are ahead. Trust in Divine Detours. Use this energy to work on your talents and skills. Don’t allow anything to stop you from creating the life you desire. Even small steps count. Remember that “dark energy” is always trying to get you to stop you. Like Louise Hay said “You have a choice. To move forward, or to remain stuck in the fear. It is always up to you”. Angel #85 also suggests financial increase.

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