8/22/20 Daily Energy Reading - Practicality


The Sun is transiting Virgo for the next 4 weeks or so. Earth signs will get an energetic boost from this transit. When the Sun is in Virgo, we tend to be more practical, organized, and hard working. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo energy asks us to pay attention to the details. Charity work and taking care of business are also themes. Virgo energy helps us to learn to “whistle while we work”.

Oracle & Tarot -Psychic Tarot: Rejoice in Celebration/3 of Cups

Rejoice in Celebration is the 3 of Cups card in traditional tarot. In this instance, this card indicates that there will be more supportive and lucrative collaborations in work situations, or, people working towards a common goal. Virgo energy is very goal oriented and believes in teamwork. This card always represents communications, indicating that for the most part we are becoming more accustomed to working and connecting virtually. Some people just do better in a classroom/office setting. If you are struggling to adapt, 3 of Cups and the mutable energy of Virgo suggests that there is support available for you to get over this learning curve.

Crystal - Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a soothing Heart Chakra stone that enhances your writing, tying and intellectual development. Tape a piece to your cell phone to guard you from EMF emissions if you are having to use it more frequently. Green Aventurine is great for stress relief when your life gets crazy due to lack of planning and preparation. Like Virgo energy, Green Aventurine helps you to see all challenges as an opportunity for growth. Green Aventurine is also a money stone. Pair it with Citrine to attract cash.

Spirit Animal - Stork

Stork Spirit sometimes foretells the birth of a child or a project. Stork also warns you to be careful what you say and do at work because people may try to use it against you. Virgos can attract a lot of haters because of their work ethic. Stork Spirit helps you feel confident in voicing your concerns. Stork can also come in when it’s time for a detox. Virgo energy likes purity. Like Green Aventurine, Stork spirit protects you when your life is hectic and helps you to spot opportunities that cross your path.

Angel# - 109

Angel #109 is a reflection number. Virgo energy speaks to simplicity. This number indicates that it’s important to determine what’s valuable to you and what’s not. Angel #109 taps the Mercurial energy of paying attention to the details. This number showing up also lets you know that your soul mission and purpose are supported by the Universe. Don’t doubt yourself. Angel #109 is a reminder from God that says: ” You lack nothing, use what I gave you.”

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