8/21/20 Daily Energy Reading-Harmony


The Moon is in Libra today and the need for peace and balance is strong. If you utilize the Virgo Moon yesterday to get organized and make your environment more aesthetically pleasing, then today you may be enjoying the fruits of your labor. We are feeling more diplomatic and may even get into a little people pleasing. Don’t pour from an empty cup. Beauty, relationship dynamics and indecisiveness are all also aspects of this transit.

Oracle & Tarot -Angel Answers: Big, Happy Changes

This card speaks to the Law of Attraction. Woman on the card is allowing herself to receive, which also implies that she has done the work. Libra Moons definitely has the potential to bring in new love and caring connections. Libra energy speaks to seeing all the options and opportunities. Big, Happy Changes indicates these options and opportunities would not have presented themselves if you were not ready. Release fear and make a decision.

Crystal - Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a soothing Heart Chakra crystal and Libra birthstone. A quartz crystal, this lovely pink stone amplifies love of all kinds. Everyone should have Rose Quartz! It’s also great for releasing tension and stress. Rose quartz is one of the best stones for Crystal Baths, Gua Shas, and Yoni Egg practice.

Spirit Animal - Racoon

In alignment with the Big Happy Changes Card, Racoon comes in encouraging you to accept the gifts from the Universe. Like Libra, Raccoon Spirit likes diplomacy, cooperation, and has an uncanny ability to solve problems. Raccoon Spirit and Libra are about justice and won’t tolerate thievery of any kind: physically, emotionally or energetically. No unrequited love allowed! Raccoon encourages you to be authentic in all your connections.

Angel# - 88

Angel #88 reminds us to keep our finances balanced and in order. This number presents where there are unexpected rewards for past work coming in so be open to receiving . This number could also speak to intense emotional/financial situations coming to an end.

Side note: The sacral chakra governs money and emotions. Work on the heart and sacral chakra if you really want to open up to more abundance and love.

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