8/20/20 Daily Energy Reading-Preparation


The moon is transiting Virgo today making harmonious connections to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. We are more focused on practical affairs and getting organized. Tackling the To-Do List will bring emotional satisfaction. You can get a boost in your health and fitness routines by meal prepping, workout planning, and creating schedules for yourself. The Virgo moon is also being challenged by Neptune so the more organized you are the less distracted you will be.

Oracle & Tarot -Angel and Ancestors - Mountains

The Mountains card encourages us to take the practical steps to feeling and getting grounded, such as cleaning, organizing and meal planning. Preparation will assist you and support you with changes and shifts. The reflection of the mountain on this card indicates your ability to support yourself by building strong foundations which will be reflected outwards. When Neptune is in a hard aspect to the moon, you may feel like there is a lack of clarity with a certain situation. The Mountains card reminds you to stay grounded and present, and everything you need to know will be revealed to you. Keep yourself positively distracted by working on your projects.

Crystal - Fire Agate

Fire Agate is a powerful and protective Sacral Chakra stone, but resonates with all the lower chakras. Fire Agate is great for sending negativity back to its source and removing creative blocks. After all, Virgo energy likes purity. Fire Agate will assist you in making firm decisions in the face of uncertainty. Use this action stone to into the Virgo energy of only having/doing/being what we need. Fire Agate used with black tourmaline provides great protection for your home when used in a crystal grid. This is a great support stone for anyone who has lots of commitments and projects going on.

Spirit Animal - Beaver

Beaver Spirit reminds us of work-life balance. The Block Scheduling System is highly recommended. Virgos are known to be workaholics so Beaver reminds you to avoid burnout. Like Fire Agate, Beaver Spirit sends you a boost of energy and motivation to build and get things done. Beavers build very powerful and intricate dams so they are great for assisting you in working with Earth (Virgo/Capricorn) and Water(Neptune) elements to build solid foundations.

Angel# - 1052

Angel #1052 speakers to unexpected changes ahead. The more prepared you are the better.

This number reminds us that good luck happens when opportunity meets preparedness. Angel #1052 indicates that the changes and work you are doing are aligning you with your soul mission. Your Spirit Team is encouraging you to keep trusting your intuition and make the adjustments as guided.

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