8/16/20 Daily Energy Reading-Healing Communications


Mercury and Leo and Venus in Cancer challenging Chiron in Aries. Communications are bold, yet sensitive. These transits support us in learning how to talk about our problems in relationships. Our ability to open up will be connected to the amount of healing we have done. Healing communications can clear up misunderstandings, but can also can be hurtful too so avoid having important discussions if you are too emotional. The buttons that people push are inside of you. Use the potential emotional triggers that present today as opportunities to discover where you have some soft spots

Oracle & Tarot - Angel Answers: Unlikely

The Angel on this card has an activated Throat Chakra and is standing in water, indicating that we are being supported in communicating our emotions. What you think is going on in your relationship is “unlikely” and based on a misunderstanding. It is possible that the person you are in contention with unlikely knows how to communicate their emotional needs. This card also shows up as a reminder that we can only take ownership of our faults and weaknesses if we know what they are. Otherwise, we are unlikely to move beyond these limitations Most of what we fear will happen is unlikely to happen.

Crystal -Purple Agate

Purple Agate is a stone that resonates with all the upper chakras, especially the Throat and Crown Chakra. Purple Agate supports forgiveness and eliminates irrational fears in relationships. Bitterness and despair are dissolved with the consistent use of this stone. Purple Agate will help you attract relationships that will represent the Spiritual and healing level that we are on now. For empaths, this crystal will increase your courage and discernment.

Spirit Animal -Dolphin

Dolphin Spirit supports honest communication in relationships. Chiron in Aries is often connected to inner child healing. Dolphin spirit supports us getting to the root of our wounds which usually originate from childhood. Like the Mercury, Venus, Chiron connection, Dolphin spirit helps us to harmonize our heads and hearts. Call on Dolphin Spirit to help you release bad memories from the past.

Angel# - 613

This is a material support number. If the disagreements in relationships are about money,angel #613 reminds you that all of your needs will be met. Like Purple Agate, Angel #613 helps you reconcile past mistakes. Angels are supporting you in overcoming emotional roadblocks in relationships due to communication issues. Angel #613 shows up to let you are supported in attracting more healing and meaningful partnerships.

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