8/15/20 Daily Energy Reading-Life Upgrade


Uranus stations retrograde for 5 months in Taurus until January 2021. This annual transit speaks to our desire for change and revolution turning inward. Uranus Rx reminds us that the inner creates the outer always. If you have felt resistance to making changes over the past few months this could be why. Sudden shifts and upheavals are in some ways forcing us to make the adjustments we knew we would have to make at some point. While some of the other planets are currently in stressful aspects (like Mars being squared by all the planets in Capricorn), Uranus Rx is actually in a good alignment with Venus, indicating new and exciting opportunities in love, pleasure and money are possible. Uranus reveals our need for personal freedom wherever he is transiting in our charts. The changes can be perceived as positive or negative, but they will definitely be surprising, inspiring and even disruptive in nature.

Oracle & Tarot -Fairy Spotting Reversed

Fairy cards reversed point to energy turning inward or a warning. Fairy Spotting reversed indicates and confirms that we are receiving those flashes of insight that can be used in a practical way for radical changes. There can uptick in strange and mystical experiences in your everyday life with Uranus retrograde. As it says on this card, “Believing is seeing”. As Uranus continues to move “in reverse”, he expands our awareness. You will begin to notice things you have overlooked; the opportunities and the things you may have forgotten bring you pleasure. Fairy Spotting reversed could also indicate that you may have been sleeping on or overlooking a potential love interest. The packaging they come in may throw you off a bit, but trust your intuition and take a chance.

Crystal - Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite is a powerful and energizing Throat Chakra stone that will help you feel the support of Uranus Rx in Taurus when it comes to self awareness and manifestation. Taurus governs the Throat Chakra so our Spiritual communications will receive a boost when meditating with this stone. Blue Apatite deepens our focus and clarity. This beautiful blue stone also helps us to understand that self awareness leads to healthy self expression. Blue Apatite allows us to find the harmony in life between working on our goals and being a responsible adult. Like Uranus retrograde and the Fairy Spotting card, Blue Apatite helps us remember that all things are possible with inner belief. This is also a great stone for easing hyperactivity and irritability associated with Uranus stationing.

Spirit Animal - Dragon

Like Uranus, Dragon Spirit is neutral and somewhat karmic so invoke him responsibility and do your research. Dragon Spirit helps you harness the energies of intense clarity and focus. Like Uranus in Taurus, Dragon Spirit shows up to lead you to healing modalities that will enhance and upgrade your life. Dragon will protect you from charlatans and weirdos that unfortunately work in energy healing professions. Call on Dragon Spirit to slay the “dragons and demons” inside you (addictions, lack of self worth, etc) and to protect you from anyone who means you or your family harm.

Angel# - 953

This is a number of encouragement and authenticity. Put your efforts towards discovering and living your personal truths. Trust your own inner knowing and insights to move you in the right direction when facing the inevitable changes in life. Don’t waste any more time doing things that don’t add value to your life. Like Uranus, #953 pushes us to move out of our comfort zones and don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is a necessary part of success.

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