8/14/20 Daily Energy Reading - Chit Chat


Mercury in Leo is quincunx to Jupiter in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. Today may not be the best day for making major decisions. People may be saying ridiculous things not necessarily based in reality. Neptune in a challenging aspect can result in misinterpretation due people seeing what they want to see. We are wanting to get the jist, the ballpark, the nitty gritty, the big picture so we can make our own choices. Healthy challenges and debates within collaborations can keep you sharp. Don’t let people pull the wool over your eyes. Avoid overthinking, overindulgence and excess. Spacing out and having illogical thought processes are also related to this transit. Use your discernment and moderation in all things. If you are an empath, protect your energy today by avoiding overtalkers. Today is great for engaging in creative and artistic pursuits. This is also a good day for getting together with friends for gossip and chit chat.

Oracle & Tarot Psychic Tarot: Celebration/Three Of Cups

This card can speak to the energy of overindulgence and overdoing which can occur as a result of today’s Astrology. Again...Moderation in all things. These 3 cups look like they keep taking more and more from the larger cup which represents the need for emotional protection. Choose to honor your emotions and opinions instead of tying pleasing people or make them comfortable in their delusion. Use any challenges with communication as an avenue to more understanding and getting the root of things. Three of Cups also represents girl talk and gossip. People offering their “cup” or their emotional opinion which may not be based on reality. Everyone has on a different outfit in this card. Just like clothes, everyone has opinions that change everyday

Crystal - Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful Throat and Third Eye Chakra stone that amplifies the wisdom of Jupiter as well as the desire for truth and understanding with Mercury. Lapis Lazuli encourages honesty in communications. A stone of integrity, Lapis Lazuli makes you more aware of your inner truth and motivations. Use this crystal to increase your compassion for others.

Spirit Animal - Dragonfly

Dragonfly Spirit comes in when you may be hiding your true feelings. It is safe for you to express your feelings. Dragonfly helps you learn to adapt without negative compromise or people pleasing. Invoke Dragonfly Spirit to help you relate to different people and perspectives even if you don't agree. Dragonfly also reminds you to not allow your emotions to override your common sense.

Angel# - 172

Angel #172 is a support number. Your Spirit Team is helping you to find harmony within your relationships by finding balance within yourself first. Stay positive and happy no matter what others are doing or saying. Angel #172 reminds you that peace and cooperation begins within you. There are new collaborations and connections coming in that will help you attract success. Be open to new relationships with like-minded people.

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