8/13/20 Daily Energy Reading - Disagreements

8/13/20 Daily Energy Reading - Disagreements


Mars in Aries in Square Pluto in Capricorn. This challenging transit is ripe for power struggles and is said to start wars. The energy brings out the ”Petty Bettys”, the touchy people and the shit starters. On the positive this transit can make us feel more ambitious. We can choose to channel this energy into our goals and into taking more control of our lives. It is up to each of us individually and will depend on our personal vibrations. Always remember it takes 2 to fight. You can choose peace and non-participation.

Oracle & Tarot Psychic Tarot - Harmony, The Lovers, Reversed

This card speaks to conflict and disconnection in relationships. Misalignment of values will always cause disagreements. The Lovers reversed also speaks to imbalance in a relationship due to integrity issues. Some people want 100% control but 0% accountability. If you notice the Masculine in this card is not allowing the Feminine to access his heart energy. She looks frustrated. He looks like he thinks it's funny. Relationships will always have their disagreements, but reciprocity in emotional exchange will at least allow for the possibility of resolution. This card could also indicate that this is a time to distance yourself from a certain relationship if there is conflict, imbalance, or if the connection is interfering with your goals.

Crystal - Pink Mangano Calcite

Pink Calcite is a soothing Heart and Crown Chakra crystal that increases calm, peace and unconditional love. When the inevitable disagreements happen, Pink Calcite enhances your compassion towards yourself and others.This is a great crystal for anyone enduring or who has endured abuse of any kind. Pink Calcite helps you find ways to heal from trauma and separations. Use Pink Calcite in meditation to boost your self confidence and self worth.

Spirit Animal - Hornet

Hornet Spirit shows up to remind us that sometimes life stings! Hornet helps you tap into the higher frequency of this transit and focus this energy towards your goal and dreams. Learn to go with the flow of life. Hornet reminds you that what you resist, persists. Are you arguing or in conflict about the same damn thing over and over again? Hornet Spirit will give you the energy to stand fearlessly against opposition to you being who you really are. Invoke Hornet to help you come up with constructive ways to work through challenges and disagreements.

Angel# - 906

Angel #906 shows up when your life is due for an upgrade. Release the old with love. Detach from ego and materialism which can be triggered during this transit and cause contention. When it’s time to let something or someone go, do so with grace and acceptance. Don’t keep rehashing the past. Get the lessons and move on. Just like Agreement #2 from the 4 Agreements: Don’t Take It Personal. Nothing anyone does is ever because of you.

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