8/12/20 Daily Energy Reading - Perspectives


The Leo Sun is quincunx to Neptune in Pisces. If you are an Empath, your radar is on point and turned up today. Trust your inner knowing. This transit reveals the distortions between your ego and reality. The Sun is putting a spotlight on where we need to make adjustments to plans that are unrealistic or not solid. Areas of life that need healing will also be a point of focus. This can be a subtle transit or rather intense if you have been overlooking an issue for a while. Neptune in Pisces’ vibe is inspirational, sensitive and delusional because as a planet it has no boundaries. The transits are slow and only felt when challenging or opportunity aspects hit your natal chart.

Oracle & Tarot - Angels and Ancestors: Air Guardian

This card features an Angel that looks similar to the Goddess Ishtar, who helps Empaths know when to love and to fight. Air Guardian assists us in changing our thinking about plans, goals, and situations. When Neptune is in hard aspect, not everything is as it seems so Air Guardian reminds you to trust your intuition. See beyond the surface limitations and issues. You can’t solve a problem from the level where the problem exists.

Crystal - Fluorite

Fluorite is a Crown Chakra crystal that helps to clear the mental fog and confusion often associated with challenging Neptune transits. This lovely high vibrational crystal Increases concentration and expands your capacity to retain information. Fluorite is a great support stone for anyone who has to work under pressure. If you are working on your personal boundaries, Fluorite will allow you to make objective decisions about who and what you allow in your energy. Some things we just have to deal with and most things we don’t. Allow Fluorite to help you figure that out.

Spirit Animal -Seagull

Seagull Spirit reminds us of the quote from Max Plank: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Just like Fluorite, Seagull Spirit helps us see through emotional boundaries and remain objective about our life decisions. Like Neptune, Seagull guides you in finding new and creative ways of doing and being. Seagulls are very focused and opportunistic. You can discover solutions and resources in the most unlikely places when you remove the distractions and trust your instinct.

Angel# - 167

This is a support and encouragement number. You are on the right path, you just need to change the way you view yourself and your circumstances. Angel #167 speaks to enhanced psychic abilities which will illuminate the way forward by showing you opportunities to make adjustments. Allow your visions to expand through prayer and mediation. Angel #167 reminds us that all paths lead to the light so there are no wrong choices.

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