8/11/20 Daily Energy Reading - Get It Together


The Last Quarter Moon in Taurus is exact today. We are craving more security, nurturing, sensual pleasure and comfort. This is a time for turning inward and being gentle with yourself. Engage in activities that feed your soul like Spiritual Baths, walks in nature, Home Spa treatments, and cooking delicious meals. You may also need to get your finances in order or declutter to feel more comfortable within yourself.

The Leo Sun is making a quincunx Jupiter in Capricorn which puts a spotlight on where we need to get more organized with projects and tasks we have already started. In general, this is a good day to get your shit together.

Oracle & Tarot - Angels and Ancestors: High Priest

The High Priestess shows up as a reminder that you are the one that needs to make the changes and adjustments. You have the tools you need to succeed. You just need to focus. The Falcon Spirit is also here helping with transition, changes and adjustments. You are the master of your space and physical domain. Courageously create your loving space within and without.

Crystal - Carnelian

Carnelian is a Sacral Chakra crystal which helps us tap into the Taurus moon/Leo Sun energy of sensuality, passion, romance and desire. Like the High Priest, Carnelian helps you to face any fears of changes. Carnelian provides an energetic boost to help you focus. Fertility, love and sexual desire are also increased with the use of this powerful crystal. Carnelian helps us to figure out what we really want and need to get it together.

Spirit Animal - Badger

Badger Spirit helps you to get grounded and organised. A lot of self discovery happens when you declutter your life. Allow Badger Spirit to help you connect to what makes you feel comfortable and secure. Badger also reminds you to stay in your own lane and be better prepared in your own personal life. This is a time to focus on completing projects, self reliance and individuality.

Angel# - 541

This is an action number. Angel #541 is confirmation that your efforts should be focused on your lifestyle changes and improvements. These changes will lead to more auspicious opportunities. Your Spirit Team is helping you and protecting you in keeping your thoughts and decisions aligned with what you want to create.

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