6/5/20 Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls


The Sagittarius Full Moon is exact at 12:12pm PST. This is a very significant eclipse based on the timestamp in regards to our ascension and awakening processes. Keep in mind that these are two separate parts of our evolution. Awakening is mandatory. Ascension is too, expect we determine the speed and duration based on our free will. This will be the first of 3 eclipse over the next 6 weeks..a very rare occurrence. Freedom, Spiritual empowerment, and seeking the truth will be themes of this very powerful, life changing lunation. Mars is making a T Square to the Eclipse, which is a tense aspect suggesting there may be challenges and tests in relationships of all kinds, even the strong ones. This transit can trigger anger, impulsiveness, frustrations and fatigue. This energy is best used for intense workouts or other physical activities. The Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse coupled with Mercury in Cancer can help you finally tap into the courage to face your emotions. Neptune is also challenging this eclipse, making clarity and focus difficult. People can be manipulative, aloof, and in serious denial. Venus being retrograde in Gemini can bring back ex-lovers so you can tie up loose ends, or remember why you broke up in the first place. This transit is also connected to soul ties and your soul family, and even finding your own soul purpose. Eclipse are very transformative and unpredictable transits. Stay home and take it easy this weekend. Allow yourself the time and space to process the energies.

Oracle & Tarot -Angel Answers

There’s Something Better

Bottom: Helpful People

This is a pretty clear message from the Angels that there is something better ahead. Trust in Divine Timing. Certain things have to occur and you need to meet specific, “Helpful People” that can assist your forward momentum. Avoid getting distracted. Stay positive and focus on what you want. The bottom of the deck is confirmation that it is time to branch out and make new connections that can advance you along your path. These cards could also indicate that there is a need to protect your energy and your creations. There are people trying to drain you or they may be trying to derail you from your path. Discernment with information is also a message. Consider your sources. Even though you may be getting a lot of what seems to be helpful information, trust your intuition and don’t try to make anything resonate because it sounds good. How does it feel? Spirit is also reminding us that our purpose is always going to involve being of service somehow.

Crystal - Amethyst

Amethyst is a Sagittarius birthstone that offers Spiritual protection and health benefits of all kinds. A quartz variety, Amethyst resonates with the Crown Chakra and is an amplifier of energies. Amethyst embodies the Violet flame energy, known to wipe out all negativity. This is very useful during meditation to ensure you remain safe from entity attachments and false guides trying to get into your energy. If you have insomnia, Amethyst is great for healing the anxiety that is causing the lack of sleep. Known as the All Healer’s stone, Amethyst is great for emotional healing related to addictions and recovery. If you are dealing with relationships issues Amethyst supports negotiations and diplomacy. Amethyst is also great for ascension symptoms like ringing in the ears, migraines, or any other imbalances caused by blocks to receiving cosmic messages from your Higher Self. These messages are the answers to your prayers that can’t get through the resistance. This can create pain and discomfort. Amethyst will dissolve these blocks over time with consistent use.

Spirit Animal - Fox

The Fox Spirit shows up when there may be a deceptive character within an intimate relationship. Foxes are crafty, charming and cunning. Call on the Fox Spirit to help you get out of the trickiest, craziest situations. Unnecessary confrontations can be avoided with the help of the Fox. Are you at a crossroads in your life? Fox can help you make the best decision and choose a direction. The Fox will help you overcome obstacles and life challenges. Fox Spirit also shows up to remind us to have fun, even the worst of times.

Angel# - 524

The Angels want us to maintain a positive attitude. We get to decide what energies we want to connect to, not outside sources. Trust your intuitive messages. Spirit is speaking to you giving your guidance and answering your prayers. Call on your Spirit team to help you with the practical and spiritual aspects of your life. Stay in the present moment as much as you can. Decide to be in a good mood.

Channeled Messages from Spirit

  • Removing distractions, clutter, and superfluousness

  • Disconnect from anything that feels negative

  • A great time to practice “being the observer”

  • Relationship dynamics will be a consideration and expect developments in this area of your life depending on how the Astrology affects you

  • Be inspired and aware

  • Do the things that keep you grounded

  • There is a dual purpose to the chaos going on in the world. As more and more negativity is purged from the shadows, we will see what can be perceived as humanity moving in the wrong direction. It has to work this way so that people can wake up

  • Tremendous season of change

  • More psychic abilities coming online, particularly clairsentience, or clear feeling

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