5/6/20 Daily Energy Reading - Swift Changes


The North Node is now in Gemini until 2022, pointing to our future path and destiny. The South Node, now in Sagittarius brings our awareness to the past and the cycles that are completing in our life. This is where the eclipses will take place for the next 18 months. This transit is the only one that moves backwards, connecting us to karmic and fated events. Gemini energy is curious, intellectual, and connected to our local environments. Siblings and primary education are also themes. Sagittarius governs our belief systems, foreign travel, and higher education. We are reminded by Sagittarius that the past has no power over us. Events are not who we are. We are definitely going to see more people embracing distance learning as a result of the current pandemic. Gemini focuses on details while Sagittarius focuses on the bigger picture.Get the lessons and release your old limiting belief systems. All of this mutable energy is about being flexible, adaptable, and embracing the new.

Oracle & Tarot

Gilded Tarot: 8 of Swords

This card represents the Air Signs in general. With the North Node now in Gemini, we can be quick to make decisions. Be ready to make adjustments, as news is coming in that could change everything. Like the Fox, be adaptable and move quickly on opportunities that present themselves. Fated events are on the horizon with the North Node in Gemini. Your reality is changing swiftly based on you releasing old belief systems with the South Node being in Sagittarius. You have the ability to break free from any bondage quickly now by changing the way you think and make adjustments.

Crystal: Turquoise

This stone has been coming up repeatedly. This is one the best stones for support during the inevitable crises that occur as a result of transformation. Use turquoise to focus your mind on what you need to do to make changes in your life in spite of the chaos. Turquoise is highly protective and I consider this one of the stones all empaths should have.

Spirit Animal: Fox

The fox shows up to help you deal with tricky situations and people. Be quick to act on opportunities, but use your discernment. As more of the collective wakes up, they are becoming more aware of the fuckery going on this world. The fox helps to be adaptable, cunning and discerning. Like the Eight of Wands the Fox Spirit animal is associated with swift, quick movements. Foxes are also nocturnal for the most part, helping you also to “see in the dark.” Sometimes the Fox Spirit shows up when there is someone around us with dubious character.

Angel# 1563

Important, sweeping changes are taking place in your life. Trust that your prayer have been heard and answered. Take any action that you are guided to take. The changes taking place are helping you to find balance and create your reality the way you want it, so go with the flow. When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.


Anxiety, shifts and needing to think fast has been the norm lately. As we move forward, we can work with changing dynamics by trusting our intuitive messages and taking action steps in a logical way. Use your instincts to help you with your fear of the unknown. Don’t hesitate to move on opportunities that you know are right for you.

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