5/26/20 Daily Energy Reading-Magical Plans


Mercury in Gemini is in quincunx to Jupiter in Capricorn. This transit can bring up issues and disagreements with others regarding plans or practical matters. Adjustments may be needed to mitigate misunderstandings. We will be continuing to make adjustments of all kinds throughout the summer as we move into eclipse season and the upcoming Mercury Retrograde.. Take advantage of any opportunities to make positive changes as they present. This energy is very inspiring for planning and preparation.

Oracle & Tarot - Oracle of the Fairies

Believe in Magic

Bottom of the Deck: Flourish

These cards speak to clearing up confusions. The Astrological energies are slowing us down so we can “smell the roses” just like the fairy in the Flourish card. We may be overlooking areas of our own personality and inner workings that are misaligned with our plans. Both of these cards speak to getting out into nature to reconnect to Spirit. You have to nourish to “Flourish”. Believe in yourself and make positive plans. These two fairies also seem to be paying attention to their surroundings making sure they don’t miss out on what life is offering. Staying connected to Spirit is staying connected to Magic.

Crystal - Celestite

Celestine is a great throat chakra crystal that can aid in resolving relationship issues. This high vibrational stone helps you to establish a deep connection with your Spirit Team which benefits you in maintaining your peace and mental clarity. Like Jupiter, Celestine helps you to expand and step out of your comfort zones. This crystal also helps you to see the “magic” or opportunities in perceived problems.

Spirit Animal -Owl

The Owl is very intuitive and connected to numerous magical practices. In this instance, Owl Spirit is helping us connect to wisdom and discernment. Owls help us to understand things on a deeper level so we can find solutions to problems with ease. The Owl asks us to pay attention to all the opportunities around us. When we are

Angel# - 24

Number 24 indicates that your Angelic team is sending you a boost of positive energy to help you believe in yourself. Just like the lotus flower the fairy is holding, your past mud can’t hold you back. Trust your intuition and follow it. Release any fears to your Spirit Team for healing. Make plans and flourish with confidence.


You are the only one who needs to believe that you can flourish. We have everything we need to be a success at what we are here to do. Having a plan for yourself really helps with motivation, clarity and self-belief.

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