5/25/20 Daily Energy Reading-Excitement and Motivation


Mars in Pisces is sextile to Uranus in Taurus. This is an excellent day for us to really take steps to changing aspects of our lives. We are feeling more motivated today than we have in a long time. If you are in any type of relationship that is no longer in alignment with you, this energy gives you the courage to end the connection. Some may also find themselves attracted to people that are not usually their type. This transit is also favorable for trying new things in the bedroom.

Oracle & Tarot - Angel Answers

Be Assertive

Bottom of Deck: Helpful People

Motivation is great, but it is temporary and usually comes from an outside source. Mars in Pisces can cause energy levels to fluctuate. We must be disciplined and assertive about making the adjustments we need to make. The Angel taking of the mask speaks to the vulnerability and courage it takes to be your authentic self. The Helpful People card indicates that Spirit has better more suitable relationships and opportunities coming in for us in the future that go beyond anything we could imagine.

Crystal - Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a stone that motivates you to take action. A quartz variety stone, Tiger’s Eye resonates with all the lower chakras amplifying the energies of courage, stamina and willpower. A protection stone, Tiger’s eye helps to keep you and your belongings safe while you travel. If you have issues in relationships connected to a lack of self worth, Tiger’s Eye can help you feel more confident. This is also a great stone for increasing focus and personal power. A kundalini stone, Tiger’s eye can help you tap into your sexual power.

Spirit Animal -Wolverine

Wolverine Spirits helps you to be resilient and assertive, just like the Angel Answers card. Not everyone will understand or appreciate the choices you make. Wolverine spirit says “Let that be okay with you.” Start your projects with enthusiasm. Leave that relationship with grace. You are able to make any necessary changes and you can deal with any challenges life presents. Wolverine also shows up to support you in gaining respect from the people in your life in a balanced way.

Angel# - 69

Number 69 brings the message of detachment. Major life cycles are ending and beginning all of this year. Release the old with love and gratitude. Whoever or whatever needs to leave is clearing space for the blessings the Universe has for you. As you level up in your vibration, you will naturally want to be more of who you really are and be around others who are on the same wavelength. Most relationships in this life are karmic and have an end date. We are meant to get the lessons from these types of connections then move on. Angel Number 69 supports us in focusing on making positive changes and putting effort towards our passions.


Due to the current conditions of the world, we are all being forced into examining our relationships and personal integrity. It’s not always popular to be authentic, especially if you have been in relationships with power struggles. Wearing a mask to avoid conflict or to suppress your needs never works as a permanent solution. Be brave enough to be yourself and never compromise who you are for anyone or anything.

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