5/22/20 Gemini New Moon Energy Reading - We Need a Resolution


The Gemini New Moon is exact at 11:39am PST. This lunation is making a trine to responsible Saturn which encourages and stability, endurace, persistence. We have the energy and focus to overcome challenges we are facing. Slow and steady wins the race so pace yourself with the new ideas that may be flowing in with this air energy. We have several planets retrograde so it is best time to observe before acting. The North Node, Venus and Mercury here speaks to what we love and value, our destiny, and future developments. This New Moon is in hard aspect to Neptune. There will be an increase in repetitive or fake news. Be more discerning with the information you are getting. Insecurities can be heightened so use the Venus energy to deliberately practice Self Love. Watch for deceptive characters. This aspect can also influence a spike in the pandemic because Neptune rules viruses, confusion, and anxiety. We can all agree that when it comes to making decisions about reopening the world economy, there have been “too many indian chiefs and not enough indians.” The new moon is also in slightly hard aspect to Mars making us more ambitious and impatient. Personal relationships will also be tested as Mars faces his cosmic lover Venus. The cosmic message from this new moon is emotional intelligence, relationship review, and self-acceptance

Ritual Time: 5/22 @ 12:36pm to 5/24 @ 4:09am

This is when the New Moon energy is most fertile. This is the time to set intentions for the things and circumstances you want to attract into your life. Rituals are great for really focusing your energy on what you want to manifest. Some simple ritual work for this New Moon can include:

  • New moon meditation using 639Hz- Relationship Healing

  • Writing your intentions as affirmations 10-20 times every night along with a gratitude list

  • Spiritual Bath/Shower

  • Cleansing your living space physically and energetically

  • Giving yourself a news break for 24-48 hours

Oracle & Tarot - Psychic Tarot

Transformation/Major Arcana: Death Card

Bottom: Intuition: Intuition: High Priestess

True change only occurs when we are willing to trust and love ourselves. When we truly love and accept all of who we are, the strong relationships in our lives get stronger and the negative ones begin to dissolve so that new ones can come in. Remember we have relationships with everything, not just people. This Gemini New Moon is offering us opportunities to examine our connections and determine whether or not they are in alignment with who we are now. It’s important that we do this as objectively as we can. Perhaps you are nostalgic with the Neptune squaring this moon; remembering the good old days. It is safe to say that the world will never be the same again. These are 2 Major Arcana cards indicating that Spirit really wants us pay attention. Transformation is the main collective frequency at present as people are being cosmically pushed towards authenticity. The woman on the transformation card is shedding an aspect of herself, yet looks like she may have some trepidation about leaving the known behind. She may not know where she is going just yet, but she is looking up. Trust your intuition, your emotional intelligence, and your Spirit Team to guide you through endings and any associated grief. Take any relationship losses as protection and seek to understand the lessons.

Crystal - Ulexite

Ulexite is a powerful but fragile crystal great for helping you to tap into your emotional intelligence. This is a lie detector crystal and the energy allows you to see someone's real motives despite what they may be saying. Folks could be doing a lot of talking with Gemini energy. When you can accurately read the intentions of others then you can make a decision based on your inner knowing, just like the High Priestess. Resolving relationships issues is also a supportive energy provided by this crystal. Ulexite is also great for developing telepathy which is a strong psychic connection shared by Twin Flames. Use this crystal during meditation to receive divinely inspired ideas during meditation. Write them down!

Spirit Animal -Starfish

Starfish comes in when we need to use our discernment and intuition when it comes to making decisions. You really can trust yourself because what you know is going is in fact what is going on. Just like the Starfish Spirit, Let outmoded, toxic people aspects of yourself “die”, knowing that you can regenerate yourself. You are intelligent, strong, and sensitive. Use these qualities to create better relationships. Starfish Spirit says the best is yet to come. Love yourself by making the best decisions for your and yours with confidence.

Angel# - 514

Angel 514 is a support number. You are being helped and led as you make important changes to better your life. Trust that things are working out for you as the old leaves your life. Use this as a sign that things are “moving”, even if it’s painful or scary. If you are feeling any fears from any relationship upheavals, know that it is okay to feel your feelings. Your Spirit Team is here to love and comfort you in every way.


Relationship dynamics are a part of our collective purposes and lessons. Like everything else on this planet, relationships are temporary. Most people fear change because they know that certain relationships will have to end or be transformed. It’s inevitable, just like death. The only other choice is stagnation which just delays your Spiritual growth and prohibits one from experiencing the love that Spirit can lead us to. Our intuition is a tool that is always available to us when we need help dealing with any changes. Trust this process and let go when you need to.

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