5/20/20 Daily Energy Reading - Relationship Misunderstandings


The Sun is in curious Gemini until June 20. Retrograde Venus is Gemini is making a challenging aspect to Neptune in Pisces. Gemini energy is intelligent and social, yet fickle. We could be getting more useless, repetitive information regarding the pandemic. It can be hard to focus today so be mindful not to scatter your energy. If there is any deception or uncertainty in any of your relationships, you will be more aware that something is off. We may not know exactly what the imbalance is, but we know things are not what they seem to be. This transit can also bring up our insecurities and vulnerabilities. Today’s energy is great for creative activities and self-love work.

Oracle & Tarot -Oracle of the Fairies


Bottom of Deck: Purity

Like the Venus/Neptune challenge, these cards confirm that we need to watch for delusion in relationships. Don’t be a fool in love. The Celebration card shows two fairies dancing and smiling, but ignoring the darkness around them. The Purity card speaks to trusting your intuition and knowing that you have all the answers within you. If something doesn’t feel right, then it ain’t right. Period. Don’t allow your insecurities to make decisions for you. We all have flaws and we have all made mistakes. These lower aspects of ourselves are a part of navigating the human experience, and not who we are. All this Gemini energy can cause us to overthink and rationalize away our intuitive messages coming from the heart.

Another message from these cards is to purposely look for reasons to celebrate and be grateful, even in the most challenging times.

Crystal - Apophyllite

Apophyllite is a high-vibe crystal that helps to release negative thought patterns and heal emotional wounds. If the Neptune energy is causing confusion or fatigue, use Apophyllite to clear any blockages to receiving messages from Spirit and return to a joyous state. A powerful stone of self discovery , use this beautiful quartz variety at the Third Eye or Crown Chakra during meditation to connect to Spirit guides who can help you move past negative thought patterns and heal anxiety which can be heightened during Gemini season.

Spirit Animal -Cockatoo

The Cockatoo Spirit shows up to help us to communicate clearly and make compromises in relationships when necessary. Self-love, change, and learning are all energies that the Cockatoo Spirit channels to us. The White Cockatoo in particular can bring life back to relationships that are challenged. Cockatoo Spirit reminds us that we can’t be everything to everybody. Trust your inner wisdom and do not cling to illusions about yourself or anyone else.

Angel# - 813

Angel # 813 is a self-expression and manifesting number. Your Spirit Team is helping you to focus your mental energy on what you want, and not on what you don’t. Relationship challenges are offering you an opportunity for growth and healing if we can see past illusions. Our thoughts, intentions, and actions create our reality and directly impact the quality of our relationships.

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