5/19/20 Daily Energy Reading - Planning


The moon spends the majority of the day in Aries. This action-oriented energy can make us very impatient during this current retrograde season. We are ready for fresh starts and new projects. Channel today’s energy into planning and strategizing. Steve Chandler said: “One hour of planning saves 3 hours of execution.” Later on, the moon makes a square to benefic Jupiter before moving into Taurus. We will feel grounded again if we were fired up earlier today.

Oracle & Tarot -Gilded Tarot

Ace of Cups

Bottom: Temperance

The Ace of Cups and Temperance coming out together is confirming the need to be patient with new starts. Retrograde energy pulls your focus inward. You have great ideas that need solid plans and strategies in order to make them real. Temperance is a Major Arcana card which represents Sagittarius, where the South Node is currently transiting. Do you have any unfinished projects to complete? Can you plan for a better future based on past lessons? Manage your time and resources wisely. The cups in these cards represent your plans and available resources. The All Seeing Eye represents the Universe. Allow Spirit to help you brainstorm and create strategies for success.

Crystal - Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a great Aries birthstone that will help you with planning. A Throat Chakra crystal, Aquamarine boosts intellectual reasoning. If you are feeling anxious or impatient, Aquamarine will help you to persevere and tame your ego. This is also a great crystal for assisting you through major changes without overeating. Aquamarine helps you to use your power to plan instead of forcing solutions.

Spirit Animal -Beaver

The Beaver Spirit comes in to help us to keep on building. Like the Temperance card, the Beaver knows the importance of work/life balance and patience. Make sure your plans include time for fun, family and relaxation. The Ace of Cups, the Temperance card, and Beaver Spirit know how to go with the flow of water (emotions) and not be swept away by them. Beaver Spirit also supports us in organization, precise planning and focus on our projects.

Angel# - 165

This is a material changes number. You know the plans you have for yourself. Any changes you begin to make will benefit you in the long run. Be patient, yet persistent with changes and adjustments. Angel #165 indicates that Spirit supports your new plans and curiosities. Release any fear and trust that the changes you are considering making will be highly beneficial.


It is so important to slow down and strategize at this time. This pandemic and Astrology will be with us for a while, urging all of us to reflect and plan. Identify the areas of your life where you need to make adjustments. Manage your time and avoid acting in haste. Inner work and changes make their way outwards in Divine Timing.

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