5/17/20 Daily Energy Reading-Opportunities


The Taurus Sun is in harmony with Jupiter in Capricorn. We are feeling more confident and optimistic about our plans for Spiritual and Personal growth. This transit can attract financial increase. Travel can be less challenging today. Take advantage of opportunities for learning.

Oracle & Tarot -Gilded Tarot

Four of Pentacles - confidence and material gain

Queen of Swords - independence, protection and discernment

Bottom of Deck: Seven of Wands - stand up for beliefs, victory over challenges, advantage

These cards confirm and speak to the benefic energy of the Sun/Jupiter connection. Be confident about getting what you deserve. Jupiter and the Four of Pentacles energy can present a lot of opportunities that may or may not be right for you. The Queen of Swords is asking you to use your discernment and choose according to your truth. The Seven of Wands speaks to your strong inner will. Personal and Spiritual growth can be challenging so persevere. The rewards are well worth the work.

Crystal - Citrine

Citrine is great for boosting your confidence and focus. This quartz variety crystal will help you attract into you life the qualities of Jupiter: love, happiness, wealth, and wisdom. Citrine is an amplifier of energy. This Solar Plexus Chakra stone will increase your willpower and self-esteem. Like the Queen of Wands, Citrine is great for focus, clarity and releasing the past. Citrine is also great for physical stamina and eliminating infections.

Spirit Animal - Hawk

Like the Sun/Jupiter connection, the Hawk Spirit expands our awareness and helps us see the bigger picture. They have the best eyesight on all the birds of prey, making them excellent hunters. Opportunities for growth and prosperity are all around you. Are you missing something that’s right in front of you? The man holding all the pentacles seems to have lots of opportunities but doesn’t seem to be looking at them. The Hawk Spirit also aligns with the Queen of Swords energy, asking you to examine the people around you. Who is really on your side? Call on the Hawk to help you know who you can really trust. Hawk Spirit is very optimistic, confident and fearless..and lends this energy to you now.

Angel# - 153

Like Jupiter, this number is protective. All of the changes taking place in your life are happening for your highest good. This number speaks to rewards for an auspicious future. Research and learning will help you feel more secure about the changes you need to make. Like the Four of Pentacles, trust that you have all that you need to succeed: skills, talents, and abilities. Call on your Angels for guidance and support if you are feeling fear or confusion.


Everything is changing on a daily basis. The Universe always provides everything that we need in Divine Timing. Trust that you have everything within you to succeed. Shift your perception and see the bigger picture. Can you choose to believe that everything is working out for you? All changes require wisdom, discernment, and knowing what you have available to you in the present to go with the flow of the energy. Take time to sort out who and what you want in your life. Choose your growth, expansion, and joy over fear of the unknown.

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