5/15/20 Daily Energy Reading -Personal Power


The Sun in Taurus is trine Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury is sextile to Chiron in Aries. This may be a day where you may be more aware of how far you've come when it comes to your healing and transformation. Pluto rules over our personal power and authority. You are proud of yourself for taking control over your life. When you are assertive about your healing and personal growth, the Universe provides more opportunities for your advancement. Decluttering and cleaning today can be very healing and give you a boost of self confidence. Research and study into deep esoteric topics is also favored. You will be able to apply Spiritual concepts to your life because you understand the material.

Oracle & Tarot - Angel Answers

Peaceful Resolutions

It’s Up to You

Bottom: Don’t Stop

Peace in your life always begins with you. Healing work is ultimately a journey towards peace. Pluto in Capricorn energy sometimes brings up challenges with authority and personal power. Disagreements can be opportunities for you to practice standing in your power, as they reveal aspects of you that need healing. Not everyone will agree with your decisions and choices. You are the authority in your world. Stand your ground and never stop believing in yourself. Don’t let others intimidate you because they think small. Never stop moving in the direction of your healing and best life, no matter how slow the progress. Follow your heart and trust your intuition.

Crystal - Lepidolite

Lepidolite helps you become more aware of your inner Divinity. A premiere self love and meditation stone, Lepidolite reveals patterns in you that need healing which comes from your way of thinking. Having this knowledge gives you the power to create more peace in your life. Pluto governs death and grieving, and this crystal will help you with any emotional suffering or anxiety you have endured. Lepidolite is also a great auric field cleanser.

Spirit Animal -Chameleon

Chameleon Spirit shows up as confirmation that it is up to you to make shifts and changes as it says in the cards. You were born to stand out! Chameleon helps you to stay in your power and make decisions that are best for you. Trust in your transformation and intuition. Be patient with yourself and the changes taking place in your life. Chameleons have the best eyesight of all the lizards so keep your eyes. They warn us of people in our energy that are not on the same page. Trust yourself, follow your heart, and be willing to made changes to protect yourself.

Angel# - 457

This is an action number. Your Angels are supporting your spiritual growth and positive changes. Stand in your power and don’t allow others to distract you. Keep living your life knowing that your Spirit team is helping you to overcome any challenges you face with your healing and life plans.

Be brave, be true to yourself and trust your intuitive messages.


In a world or power struggles and fake people, authenticity requires true courage and focus. You can only truly be peaceful when you have a strong Spiritual connection. True healing takes commitment and spiritual development takes time. Be patient but consistent. Be brave enough to see yourself as Spirit sees you. This will allow you to really heal enough to show your true colors. Believe in yourself and be proud of the progress you have made. Live and speak your truths.

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