5/14/20 Daily Energy Reading -What Lies Beneath

Updated: May 15, 2020


Jupiter is now retrograde in Capricorn. This lucky, expansive planet goes retrograde every 13 months for about 4 months. Jupiter is asking us to examine our beliefs on all areas related to Capricorn: success, personal development, and self-control. Anything that is being done in excess will come up as issues to deal with. There are always “tests” before testimonies. Are you going to pass the test, or just be left with the “monies” because you are not getting the results you want? Capricorn wants results! Use this time for personal improvement, getting clear on your goals, and reflection. Lucky Jupiter will help you to see yourself for the greatness you are!

Oracle & Tarot


Bottom of Deck: Shaolin Master

These two cards together speak to using your inner wisdom and outer discernment simultaneously. As we are going through this massive transformation, some things, people and circumstances will no longer have a place in your life. It is up to you to decide what is allowed in. The Eagle represents seeing things from a higher perspective. The eye is the Divine Masculine aspect of Spirit who sends messages to you through the Eagle. Expansive Jupiter wants you to see the bigger picture and plan for your life. Turning your focus inward is the starting point for finding solutions to all of your problems. Explore your inner landscape. What are you focused on? Are your actions aligned with your plans? The Eagle in this card appears to be on the hunt. Don’t be afraid to get what’s yours! You have done the inner work so you deserve all of your good! Both of these cards represent power, strength and courage. These are all inner attributes that help you successfully overcome your ego limitations and those of others. Jupiter, the Eagle, and the Shaolin Master are challenging us to “inner level up.” Going within requires you to be gentle and patient with yourself. Be the observer; just see what is. Focus on what you want to be rather than what you want to do.

Crystal -Ametrine

Ametrine is a mixture of Citrine and Amethyst. Just like the cards, Ametrine will help us with integrating our inner and outer strengths. These quartz crystals truly amplify the “As Above, So Below” energy. The Citrine helps us to stay focused and clear. The Amethyst helps with increasing Spiritual protection and connection. Quartz crystals, like Jupiter, expand anything they come in contact with. Use this beautiful crystal to harmonize what you know and what you do. Ametrine resonates with the Crown and Solar Plexus Chakra which will help you make practical decisions based on the guidance you get from Spirit. Jupiter Retrograde can have you back and forth to the fridge during the quarantine, especially if you are having challenges in your relationships. Ametrine is great for supporting weight loss and moderation.

Spirit Animal - Sea Horse

Seahorse is a protection Spirit that helps you achieve your goals and keep you focused. Seahorse promotes self love and self care. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Call on the seahorse when you need more inner and outer peace. The Seahorse Spirit is lucky like Jupiter, and helps you to see your physical and Spiritual worlds from a higher perspective.

Angel# - 613

This is more confirmation that you Angels are helping you to see your situations from a higher perspective. Trust that your intuition is on point and you are moving in the right direction. Your material needs will always be met. Be true to yourself and what you really want. Jupiter wants you to have the best in life. Angel 613 is also about improving your talents and abilities with enthusiasm. Don’t always focus on money as a motivator for action. Do things that you are good at because they make you feel good.


You have everything within you to live an abundant, successful and fulfilling life. Like the Seahorse, notice everything around you, but just keep swimming. Are you brave enough to do the inner work to create your best? Your belief systems determine what you will focus on. Every belief begins with a thought. Like the Shaolin Master, examine everything that is trying to come into your energy. Benefic Jupiter always gives presents..or presence.

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