5/13/20 Daily Energy Reading -Thin Line Between Love and Hate


Warrior Mars is now transiting sensitive Pisces. Venus is going retrograde in Gemini, placing it in a hard angle to Mars and Neptune and Pisces. This energy says ‘I hate that I love you.” These transits bring up the good, bad and the ugly in your relating patterns. Insecurities, hidden motives, and confusion are triggered. Energy levels may be up and down today. Honor that. Your focus may be off too. This energy is great for Spiritual Development work. Venus will spend about 4 months Gemini, making us more curious about our connections and helping us to make head over heart decisions. Sometimes ex lovers try to return during this transit. Remember why the relationship ended in the first place. People can change, but healing takes time. Forgive yourself for your part in the split. Mars in Pisces reminds us that it takes 2 to fight. Don’t beat yourself up for past mistakes in relationships. Experience will always be the best teacher.

Oracle & Tarot - Oracle of the Fairies


-Bottom: Hope

Abundance is tied to our feelings of worthiness. Venus rules over all that we love and value. Do you have an abundance of what you truly desire in your life? Are your relationships supportive and loving? Venus in Gemini wants to know. It is our birthright to receive pleasure, but we must feel like we are worthy of receiving it. The Hope card at the bottom of the deck reminds us to stay focused on our inner peace despite any chaos or negativity going on around us. Storms come into our life, but they often produce rainbows at the end, and we know all is well. Being positive all the time can be challenging, as this pandemic has made a lot of people feel vulnerable in ways they never have before. Focus on abundance. Use the Mars in Pisces transit to help you be more assertive about living your highest ideals. Count your blessings and stay hopeful. You may not be where you want to be, but thank God you are not where you used to be.

Crystal - Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is a great heart chakra stone for emotional healing and meditation. Mars in Pisces can trigger inner child issues, which often are the cause of the many problems we have in our adult relationships. It takes courage to face our self-hatred. This beautiful crystal will help you to love yourself, including your shadow. Rhodochrosite helps to balance your male and female aspects which will result in more harmonious relationships. This stone also promotes self-forgiveness and the release of emotional trauma, especially related to sexual abuse. Venus in Gemini is curious, but not too intuitive which can result in evading issues in relationships. Rhodochrosite helps you to trust your gut and face these problems “head on”. The energy of this stone works quickly so be ready to deal with anything that has been repressed. Seek professional help if necessary.

Spirit Animal - Otter

Otter Spirit helps us to get more in touch with our emotions. They always seem to be having a good time, not allowing the small things to steal our joy. The Otter helps us understand that a part of self love is allowing yourself to receive love. Often our relating patterns are affected by our ability or inability to release the past. If you have issues that cause you to evade your emotions, the otter will help you figure out why. Otter helps navigate Mars in Pisces energy which can make it difficult to see different perspectives. All of our relationships, good or bad, teach us valuable lessons. Otters make a very unique sound, urging us to communicate our needs and find our voice.

Angel# - 523

If you are experiencing any major changes in relationships, know this is happening to bring you into alignment with your soul mission. People, situations, and things we once valued will have to be left behind to make room for the new to come in. Your Spirit Team is helping you to release the past with love and gratitude. Mars in Pisces and this Angel number will help us to be more assertive about living from the highest version of ourselves. Your Spirit Team is also helping you with your material and Spiritual goals. Venus in Gemini is emotionally intelligent and sees the value of being abundant in both of these areas of life.


Relationships are wonderful, but they are all temporary. Abundance is definitely affected by the quality of your relationships. You can’t expect to live a million dollar lifestyle with five dollar relationships. Examine your role in relationships, especially the ones that did not last. Forgive yourself for anything you thought was your fault. You were doing the best you could and so were they. Don’t allow others to steal the joy that you cultivate within yourself. As you love yourself more and more, your strong relationships will improve, and the negative ones will end. Be open and receptive to all of your good. Don’t lower your standards in relationships to avoid conflict. We need to be triggered sometimes so we can bring up anything within us that needs healing. Use Venus in Gemini to be curious about how and why you love what you love.

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