5/11/20-5/12/20 Daily Energy Reading - Slow Down, Don’t Rush


Saturn is retrograde in Aquarius. This is slow, heavy energy and may have you feeling a little sluggish over the next few days. Slow down. Pay attention to what you are doing and why. Saturn rules over duties, responsibilities, structures, and commitments, These areas will be under review. The Lord of Karma teaches us lessons which reveal our fears and limitations. This transit can be challenging for some people, especially those dealing with depression and anxiety conditions. Saturn rules time so manage it to the best of your ability by having a daily plan and controlling what you can. Saturn will retrograde back into Capricorn so you can tie up loose ends and make adjustments to your strategies and lifestyle. Saturn is asking us to tighten up!

Oracle & Tarot - Angels and Ancestors

-Meditation Brings Answers

-Improving Health

Bottom: You’re Ready

Meditation, prayer and rest will be highly beneficial at this time. This pandemic is connected to a much larger energetic plan for improving health and life for humanity. Saturn wants us to focus and not scatter our energy. The bottom of the deck card says “You’re Ready”. You are ready to confront your self-sabotaging behavior. You can only do this by going within, as the subconscious mind is responsible for most of our behaviors. Saturn can magnify any health issues which gives you an opportunity to make adjustments, detox, and get back in alignment.

Keep your Spiritual connection very strong right now. Balance your chakras on a daily basis.

All of these cards have Angels and guides on them indicating that your Spirit Team is especially close right now. They are ready to assist you with anything you are going through.

Crystal - Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a very strong grounding stone. This Root Chakra crystal will help you understand and deal with personal difficulties that can arise with this Saturn retrograde. Red Jasper helps you to set healthy boundaries which Saturn is requiring of us. This stone will also give you the endurance, discipline and stamina you need to navigate this energy of restructuring your world. Transformation can wear you out! If you notice Improving Health card, it looks like there is a Kundalini activation happening. Red Jasper will stimulate this intense, highly creative, sexual energy that resides at the base of your spine. Kundalini awakening can happen gradually or spontaneously. Either way, this can make you feel really ungrounded. Use Red Jasper to help you with this process.

Spirit Animal - Sloth

Sloth Spirit shows up to help us slow down, relax, and help us cope with our problems. Sloth is helping us to adapt and to think before we act. Saturn can bring up worries so call on Sloth Spirit to help you release your cares and all of the nonsense. Diplomacy is also a quality of Sloth energy so ask for help if you are finding yourself in situations with contentious people. Meditation, like the Meditation Brings Answer card is also a Sloth trait. Sometimes the Sloth shows us to let us know that we are being stubborn. What you resist persists. Release what no longer serves you so that you can build and experience your best life.

Angel# - 853

This is an authenticity number. Saturn won’t stand for any superfluous. Even though the current pandemic challenges can seem overwhelming, trust that better is on the way and all is working out for the highest good of all. Your Spirit Team is overseeing the changes in your life as indicated in the cards. Call on them to help you deal with any fears and anxieties. Go within and tap into your creativity.


Embrace this inevitable slow down and use this time to make improvements as you are guided to. Meditation is going to help you create those inner foundations, and the inner creates the outer. Don’t waste time arguing for your limitations. Don’t blame others for your problems. Take full responsibility for your life and begin to slowly make improvements.

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