4/29/20 Daily Energy Reading - Mental Rest


Mercury is making a minor challenging aspect to Neptune. It can be hard to make decisions and concentrate with this transit. This is a great day to take it easy, or, at least deliberately schedule time for rest and mediation. Avoid gossip and small talk. People may not be keeping it 100 with you. The moon is in Cancer most of the day so creature comforts are favored. Find a delicious, indulgent recipe on Pinterest and make it for yourself.

Oracle & Tarot-Angel Angel Answers: Compromise

The energies are mentally challenging today. You may need to make some compromises for now until you have more clarity. Never do anything that compromises who you are. This is also more confirmation that you need to find balance between work and rest today.

Crystal: Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite is great for clearing negative thoughts related to discouragement and low vibe thoughts from others floating around in your local environment. This is a great crystal for preventing theft physically and energetically. Mercury challenging Neptune is deceptive so this stone promotes clear, honest communications. Blue Calcite is a great meditation stone for clearing anything blocking your psychic gifts.

Spirit Animal: Cow

The Cow represents the Divine Feminine nurturing mother energy. Cow Spirit wants the best for you and is showing up to let you know that everything will be alright. Follow your heart and protect your heart. Be on alert for tricksters. The Cow Spirit provides emotional protection for the sensitive and vulnerable. Trust your intuition and follow it.

Angel#: 69

This is a number of detachment, Whatever you need to release will be replaced with something better. Be open to receiving your good, which begins with your thinking and focusing on your highest ideals (Neptune). This is also supporting the Mercury/Neptune cosmic message of spending time focused on your spirituality and passions, especially if you are feeling energetically compromised today.

Overall Message

Today is best for practicing self care going with the flow. Allow your Spirit Team help you with your burdensome negative thinking. Don’t allow others to give you their shit. Know what is your energy. Create the space in your mind for new ways of thinking. Everything is going to be alright.

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