4/27/20 Daily Energy Reading

4/28/20 Daily Energy Reading - Allowing


Mercury is Square to Saturn today. We are more aware of our blocks and can have some difficulties with communications or even focusing at times. This transit can have us thinking about our problems and where we need to make changes. Restrictions, duties and responsibilities can seem daunting, especially as we are in this strange time of pandemic and unpredictability.

Oracle & Tarot - Oracle of the Fairies: Transformation

Transformation is challenging even at the best of times. Surrender and allow this transition of energy. Change is the only constant in life and it is what ensures that we will grow and evolve. No one is exempt from life’s struggles, even the most Spiritual among us. If you are having a difficult time today, keep the end in mind. The best is yet to come. Call on your Spirit Team and the Fairies to help you navigate your transformation. You are NEVER alone. Support is always available. All you need to do is ask.

Crystal: Green Kyanite

Green Kyanite opens pathways in the body for more healing energy to flow in. It helps and supports people who may have lost their way in life due to changes and upheaval. Green Kyanite will help you break destructive patterns through self examination. A high vibrational, heart chakra crystal, Green Kyanite helps you to remain functional in extreme situations by reminding you to practice consistent self care.

Spirit Animal: Seal

The Seal Spirit shows up to help us tap into our creativity when we are going through trying times. The seal says “swim with the current so that you don’t drown.” Be authentic and true to who you are, but be open to helpful advice and assistance from others. Seal Spirit helps you with congruency and emotional intelligence in relationships. The seal shows up when you are no longer able to pretend and must face your issues in order to change.

Angel #: 519

Like the Seal Spirit, 519 says go with the flow and trust your intuition. The changes you need to make involve releasing the past with love and gratitude for the lessons. Break free from the chains so that you can live authentically and put your lightwork to good use. Trust that your Spirit Team is putting together new opportunities for you behind the scenes.

Overall Message

Change is messy at first, but beautiful in the end. Transformation always brings delays because we need time to integrate fresh energies. Think of any delays as an opportunity to slow down, double check things and make them better. All things are always working together for our good.

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