2020 Energy Update 6/22 to 6/28 - Circle Back to Self

Channeled Messages from Spirit

  • Self Actualization

  • Be independent of the good opinion of others

  • Have no investment in power over others

  • Be detached from outcomes

  • Self Integrity

  • Making plans and sticking to them to the best of your ability

  • Apply The 4 Agreements

  • Be impeccable with your word

  • Don't take anything personally

  • Don’t make assumptions

  • Always do your best

  • If you are not on point with your self love and spiritual practices, then you don’t have time to be disturbed or bothered by distractions. Shift your focus.

  • Doubt=Don’t

  • If it doesn't feel right then it ain't right

  • All of these retrograde planets speak to strong intuition. Trust that you are making the right decisions for you always.

  • Rest and Recovery Formula

  • 2 hours per day

  • One day per week

  • One week per season


We are currently deep in Eclipse Season and the energies are intense. The Cancer Eclipse is coupled with Mercury retrograde With all this water energy, emotional upheaval, withdrawal and healing are inevitable. The energies are very unstable and best suited for getting back to the basics..home, family and self care. Go with the flow and allow this transformational energy to cleanse your soul and heal childhood wounds.

On June 23rd, Neptune will go retrograde in Pisces until November. This will make 6 planets retrograde which is a clear cosmic message to slow down. The fog dissipates when Neptune moves”backwards” and reality checks set in from within. We could be revising addictions, toxic behaviors and other forms of escapism. The Universe will show us where we may not be as healed as we think we are. Mars is here with Neptune, which speaks to dissolving the ego and beginning to create our highest ideals. What do you really want? What is blocking you from having it? What do you need to do in order to align with your highest levels of living? Your dream world may be more vivid and have message from Spirit for you. Empaths beware! Neptune has no boundaries so you will be tested here Neptune retrograde is great for visualization and meditation. On June 25th, Venus goes Direct in Gemini. Matters of love can move forward as past issues are resolved. Mercury retrograde can make communications challenging and complicated. We may see a comeback of social distancing or restrictions, This is a fickle transit so take things people say that trigger you with a grain of salt. Playfulness and lightheartedness in love returns if things have been heavy or too mushy.

On June 27th, Mars moves in Aries its ruling sign. Ruled by Aries so strongest here. This is very contradictory to the Retrograde energies which could make us angry and frustrated . Channel this energy into physical activities. Collectively we may see more activism and protests. Mars energy is forceful, courageous, and enterprising. This transit is great for making plans and working hard on yourself behind the scenes. Establish or reestablish your strong why. Mars will go retrograde in September intensifying my energy.

Oracle & Tarot -Gilded Tarot

Magician, Reversed

Bottom: Seven of Pentacles in Reversed

Strong Message: Don't waste time arguing for your limitations-80% of people don’t care and 20% are glad it's you. The more you accept that you are limited, the more you anchor that belief into place.

The Magician reversed speaks to manipulation and taking advantage of a situation. Lots of people have stopped paying bills during this pandemic/lockdown time. Everyone’s situation is different, but those chickens are coming home to roost. Bills will have to be paid, physically and energetically. When all of these retrograde energies, we just don’t have all the facts. Dark forces are going to continue to stir up confusion in the masses. Stay focused and trust your intuition. Deal with you anxiety and shame issues as they come up. Being honest with yourself is the first step if you want others to be honest with you When the Magician shows up in reserve, things are not always what they seem.

Both of these cards speak to time and resource management. Are you using all of your talents and abilities to their utmost or are you wasting time? Where are you deceiving yourself? The pentacles aren’t just going to fall into the basket, you have to put in the work. These cards along with the retrograde energies also suggests there will be delays and patience is necessary.

Crystal - Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone will help you to connect and process lunar energies as we move through eclipse season. A psychic protection stone, Rainbow moonstone great for meditation and moon ritual work. Use moonstone for lucid dreaming and tapping into more Divine energy. Moonstone is a Cancer birthstone of healing and restoration. It will help you embrace your talents and turn that Magician upright. Moonstone helps you soothe over aggression. It also increases emotional balance and creativity. Use this third eye chakra crystal to help you to recognize synchronicities and strengthen psychic abilities.

Spirit Animal - Panda

Panda Spirit says to have a positive outlook. Ride the waves of emotional ups and downs. Have high hopes.Pandas are natural empaths and they are very sensitive to their surroundings. Call on the Panda Spirit when you need gentle strength. Power, not force. Panda Spirit Speaks to home and family Cancer energy and the need to feel comfortable and balanced in your life, which can only happen by going within. Recognize the importance of emotions and how they impact your action or inaction Panda spirit is also determined and keeps strong personal boundaries.

Angel# - 215

  • Stay optimistic about the changes taking place in your life

  • Necessary changes are coming collectively and personally

  • Release fear and know that all is working out for your highest good

  • The Spiritual journey is very rewarding but can be very challenging, especially in the beginning when you discover just how much you don’t know and how much you need to heal, don't let that discourage you...just keep going

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