12/18/20 Daily Energy Reading/Saturn in Aquarius..Practicality and Uniqueness


Responsible, taskmaster Saturn is in Aquarius until March 2023. Saturn was last in Aquarius in 1994. If you were alive back then, think back to any major life changes that occurred during that time for general themes which may be happening now. Saturn cycles help us with maturity, mastery and staying in the present as he slows things down in whatever area of life he is transiting. This pandemic has a lot of people at a Spiritual standstill as they awaken to the truth. Saturn rewards the discipline and work required to adapt to these new world conditions. Conservative Saturn also rules education and imprisonment and these systems will have a major overhaul during this time. Aquarius rules revolution, technology, and activism, which have been budding themes since this pandemic started. Saturn in aloof Aquarius helps us to discover our individualized expression of the whole. How we fit into the collective awakening energies? The necessary, meaningful changes that we must embrace will require hard work (Saturn) as opposed to when Saturn was in it’s home sign of stern, traditional Capricorn where we were learning to deal with restrictions and the consequences of our behavior. Ironically, Saturn in detached Aquarius is also community focused. He will also help us with the new and cutting edge. Saturn in Aquarius asks: What do we need to learn? What have we learned in the past 2 years when Saturn was in Capricorn? Saturn is also the Lord of Karma and accountability, distributing what’s due to people for the purposes of growth and particularly evolution when in Aquarius. Saturn will conjunct Jupiter on Dec 19 for the first time since 1623 so this is a big deal and I will do a separate post and video on this transit.

Affirmations to work with

  • I am willing to change and grow.

  • I love and embrace my uniqueness

  • I trust the process of life and I am always learning.

Oracle & Tarot -Psychic Tarot: Fairies-Flourish, reversed

The Flourish card in reversed could speak to the limitations being revealed by Saturn in Aquarius. We are reminded with this card that “you gotta nourish to flourish.” Practice extreme self care especially when dealing with harsh Saturn energies. A part of growth is acceptance and learning from mistakes instead of repeating them. Saturn in Aquarius asks "What can we do differently? Better? More efficiently? How can I use my lessons and experiences to serve the collective? A part of everyone’s purpose and mission is to find a way to be of service. Like Aquarius, Flourish fairy in reverse asks us to embrace all of our quirks and weirdness. No 2 flowers are alike. Embrace all of who you are.

Crystal - Malachite

Malachite is a very cleansing and healing heart chakra stone. This dense green stone provides protection from negative entity attachments. Malachite boosts immune and respiratory health which is necessary as we continue to deal with Covid. Malachite helps you to stay detached in a healthy way as you align with the stability and balance of Saturn in Aquarius. Malachite stones are toxic so do not use them in crystal elixirs and buy stones with a coating so they don’t damage your skin. Like Saturn, Malachite encourages practicality and helps you to take charge of you life and changes where required. Malachite will help to clear limitations, obstacles and blocks that may be revealed with Saturn in Aquarius, awakening us to our potential to create a better world. Malachite helps you be more aware of synchronicities so you can avoid unnecessary dangers and pitfalls.

Spirit Animal - Dolphin

Dolphin is a playful and expressive Spirit animal that helps you connect to your community, your soul tribe and your environment. Dolphins communicate via vocal pitches, sounds and clicks, encouraging you to contribute your unique voice. Like Malachite, Dolphins are also highly protective and known to fight off sharks. Dolphin helps you to find balance between responsibility (Saturn) and play (Aquarius). Dolphin Spirit helps you with emotional intelligence, as Saturn in Aquarius is more logical and feeling and you need both to build. Dolphins are very supportive animals for the collective awakening which will continue to occur as Saturn and Jupiter move through Aquarius supporting us during this period of transcendence with curiosity, harmony and grace. Dolphin keeps us from drowning in feelings of despair and heaviness that can accompany Saturn transits.

Angel# - 609

Angel #609 is a support number and a call to action. Number 609 is a Soul blueprint number for Lightworkers indicating that what you are experiencing is a part of your mission. When you see #609 your Spirit Team is helping you make positive changes. Angel #609 shows up when major life cycles are ending. Call on your Spirit team for help, comfort and practical guidance through this process. Like Saturn in Aquarius, you will know what to do when you need to do it regardless of how you feel.

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