12/16/20 Daily Energy Reading/Venus in Sagittarius...Love the Journey


Venus is now transiting witty, intelligent and flirtatious Sagittarius until Jan 8th. Venus rules beauty, our self esteem, and values. Sagittariuses are more attractive and can manifest easier now. A fire transit, Venus in Sagittarius increases passion and adventure in connections, expanding your horizons in love for self and others. Venus in Sagittarius is idealistic and loves life, but can be gullible and non-committal in relationships. Since Venus is in a square to Neptune, boundaries are challenged. In love, Sagittariuses are blunt, but sincere in their communications. Freedom loving Sagittarius energy doesn’t bode well in possessive relationships. Venus in Sagittarius likes to be tied up, but not chained.

Affirmations to work with

  • My capacity to love is expanding.

  • I am free to love myself and others

  • I value my lessons and wisdom

Oracle & Tarot -Angels & Ancestors: Direction Guardian

Direction Guardian, like Venus in Sagittarius is encouraging you to choose a life path from your heart. All of the wings on this card represent freedom, or perhaps being to flight and non-committal in connections. Your path is not set in stone, but do make a choice

If you make mistakes in love, Direction Guardian says just learn and make another choice next time. Sagittarius energy never holds grudges. The eye in the center of the compass symbolizes the Sagittarius/Venus connection of following the wisdom of the heart. Direction Guardian comes in to assist you in expanding your energy, passions, helping you to see the bigger picture.

Crystal - Jade

Jade is a soothing and healing heart chakra crystal. Known as “The Stone of Eternal Youth, Jade restores optimism and faith in love. Using it roller form is highly beneficial for healing and skin care. Jade is also a good luck stone and can help you tap into the abundance of Venus in Sagittarius. Remember money is just a part of abundance. Like Venus in Sagittarius, Jade supports new love and honesty within connections. Jade is protective against abuse and deception in relationships. Jade encourages emotional freedom and helps you to release idealistic expectations in relationships which could be a factor with Venus in Sagittarius. Jade gives us the wisdom to see and shed self-imposed limitations.

Spirit Animal - Snake

Snake is a power animal that comes in sometimes when your love situation is may be too constrictive. Perhaps someone you are dealing with is aligning with the deceptive Snake-like vibes of the Neptune square. Snake helps you transform and shed emotional baggage. Like Venus in Sagittarius, Snake asks that you have pure intentions in love. Like the direction Guardian, Snake says you must know where you target is so you can strike

The snake can also symbolize the dangerous and forbidden that often allures people into poisonous, deadly situations.

Angel# - 183

Angel #183 is an abundance and provision number. Use the Venus in Sagittarius energy to stay positive and focused on what you desire. Like Venus is Sagittarius, Angel #183 encourages you to be more spontaneous in love. Have fun! Like the Direction Guardian, #183 reminds you to let your Spirit team know what your heart desires. Remember you have to ask. Angel #183 urges you to achieve levels of growth and take some risks. When you see #183 you are assured that all your needs will be met and you are free to follow your heart. Put your heart and soul (Venus in Sagittarius) into developing your talents, skills and abilities to increase your personal value.

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