12/14/20 Daily Energy Reading: Expand Your Vision


The Sagittarius New Moon Total Solar Eclipse is exact on December 14th at 8:16am PST. Eclipses are the most life changing and emotional astrological transits we experience all year. Simultaneous endings and new beginnings occurring right now can play out over a 6 month period, sometimes longer depending on how the eclipse is affecting your personal astrology. This energetic eclipse is conjunct mental Mercury. Think back to the Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that occurred over the summer. Are you beginning something again? Are you taking a different approach? Are you ready to embrace a new future? Ruled by expansive Jupiter, Sagittarius energy loves to be on the move and is very optimistic, freedom loving/needing. Saggis are also hot heads, and can be outspoken , dogmatic and impulsive. This eclipse is trine Mars which boosts courage, energy and confidence. We are feeling more assertive and sexual too! The Saggi New Moon Eclipse is also making a square to Neptune. This has the potential to make us lazy, gullible, and overly optimistic. Protect yourself and watch for deception, paranoia and fear within others and yourself. Mercury in Sagittarius is still in a square to Neptune in Pisces and trines Mars in Aries, indicating a lack of mental clarity. Brute force and ignorance will not serve you at this time. When it comes to manifestation, Mike Dooley put it best: “The hows are the domain of the Universe”. Stay present and trust that all will unfold as it should and what you need will come to you. It always has. Move forward in your life with courage and trust your inner wisdom. Venus in Scorpio sextile to Jupiter in Capricorn adding to the warmth and passion of this eclipse in fiery Sagittarius. This transit makes us feel more generous in more ways than one, but with Neptune here watch for excess!

Affirmations to work with

  • I am Divinely protected and safe at all times.

  • This (fill in the blank) or something manifests for me now.

  • My mind is open to the infinity of possibilities.

Oracle & Tarot - Fairies: Protection

Fairies are able to offer protection in the lower and higher realms. It is advised that empaths use extra protection and Spiritual hygiene whenever Neptune is in hard aspect. Neptune has no boundaries and is challenging all the planets in Sagittarius while in Pisces. Stay grounded during the last part of 2020 by maintaining your Chakra system. The fairies are reminding us to not fall into the lower vibe Sagittarius energy of being gullible and open. Not everyone has good intentions. Mercury and Sagittarius is the Higher Mind connecting with the lower mnd, the macro and the micro, as above, so below. Choose to think a positive thought over and over again (Mercury) until it becomes a belief (Sagittarius). Fairies are also offering their protection as we live our day to day lives in these interesting times, but also encourage you to take the practical steps to protect yourself.

Crystal - Black & Blue Kyanite

Kyanite is a high vibrational crystal that comes in several colors and can be used at any of the Chakras. Kyanite is one of the crystals I recommend everyone has in their collection.

Although Kyanite is said to not hold onto negative energy, it is recommended that you clean all of your Spiritual tools on a regular basis. Kyanite is great for all over protection and chakra/meridian alignment because this is done automatically when you use Kyanite. Like the Sagittarius energy, Kyanite encourages honesty and Spiritual development. Using Blue Kyanite at the Third Eye chakra removes energy blocks, aids in dream recall, and will help you attune to the positive Mercury conjunction to boost mental healing. Blue Kyanite will also open up the Throat Chakra improving self expression. Kyanite repels the deceptive, confusing energies of Neptune and tempers the anger and frustration that accompanies major life changes. Use Black Kyanite to cut the cords from the past so you can embrace the new beginnings offered with this eclipse energy. Black Kyanite automatically grounds you via the Root Chakra so that like a strong tree, you bend with the winds of change, but you don’t break.

Spirit Animal - Crow

Crow Spirit shows up during times of great transformation helping you to trust that you are ready for the next phase of your life. Crow ensures that you are headed towards positive change. Like Mercury, Crow says pay attention to your thoughts and avoid overdoing things with the impatient fiery Sagittarius energies. Like the Fairies, Crow offers protection and may be asking you to reassess your path to make sure you are not headed for self destruction. Crow asks that we tap into the Sagittarius trait of integrity. Be clear about your intentions, but leave the “hows” to Spirit. Crow also represents the understanding and necessity of death, or, the beginning and ending of cycles.Crow teaches us about the law of attraction and how ethical honest behaviors play into that. Call on crow to help with major life changes and transitions.

Angel# - 803

Angel #803 is an Angelic support and guidance number. This is also a Law of Attraction number indicating that you have natural skills and abilities that you can use to expand your world. Seeing #803 confirms that you can trust you inner wisdom and it is on point. Angel #803 helps you understand that in life you will always have what is necessary for your Spiritual journey, whether you want it or not. As you take the practical steps (Mercury) to align your lifestyle to the desires of your Higher Self (Sagittarius), you automatically attract what you want and the Universe typically gives you something better.

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