12/12/20 Daily Energy Reading: Confusion and Creativity


Happy 12/12. This is a powerful day for awakening and ascension. Today Mercury in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces. This is the Conspiracy Theory transit so there may be weird news coming out in your personal life and/or in the collective. There is a lot of energy being shifted and lifted right now. It’s exciting and overwhelming. This is not the best day for making important decisions. Self love, artistic inspiration and creativity can improve with this transit. Whenever Neptune is in hard aspects, empaths should practice extreme self care and spiritual hygiene. Lower levels of this energy can manifest as confusion, lies, complicated discussions and a lack of clarity. Avoid getting drunk or overindulging in hard synthetic drugs which create holes in your aura for negative, manipulative entities to plug into.

Affirmations to work with

  • I am aware of my energy so I know what is mine and what is not.

  • My creativity is in demand

  • I am inspiring and inspired

Oracle & Tarot - Angels and Ancestors: Eagle

Eagle showing up in the Oracle cards with powerful and healing messages from Source. Eagle protects you from dangers seen and unseen. Deceptive people, convert narcissists, and energy vampires can’t hide from Eagle Spirit. Call on Eagle Spirit to help you maintain strong mental boundaries. Mercury/Neptune in hard aspect can blur the lines between your mental energy and the thought forms of others. Like the Mercury/Sagittarius energy, Eagle increases knowledge, teaching, and seeing the bigger picture.

Crystal - Purple Agate

Purple Agate is a powerful and protective crown chakra crystal. This beautiful stone comes in a variety of purple and lavender hues that calm an overactive mind. Purple Agate helps you to know your energy and feel confident. Like Eagle, Purple Agate improves concentration and focus when energies are distracting. Communicating your truth and highest ideals are supported by Purple Agate. This is a great crystal for shadow work in that it helps you see things from an objective, big picture point of view. Purple Agate helps you to trust your intuition even when it scares you.

Spirit Animal - Spider

Spider Spirit is a protection animal that keeps you from getting caught up in the web of illusions. Like Mercury square Neptune, Spiders are opportunistic and could indicate deceptive sticky energies around you. Spiders are considered scary, creepy and repulsive by most people. But like Neptune energy, most people don’t know enough about them so they are quick to judge, just like the Sagittarius energy. Spider helps you with creativity and catching all the opportunities that come your way. Like Purple Agate, Spider spirit shows up to protect your dreams and reminds you that your thoughts create your reality.

Angel# - 615

This is a Divine timing number. All the changes occurring in your life are for your highest good. If today’s Astrology is making you feel uncertain or fearful, ask your Spirit Team for clarity. Like Spider, don’t allow fear or uncertainty to stop you from making necessary changes and creating your desired reality. You can trust your intuition. You really can. Like Spider, 615 may also indicate an upcoming move or career change. When 615 shows up solutions start showing up. Obstacles will be removed. Believe that you can do great things!

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