12/11/20 Daily Energy Reading: ENERGY BOOST


The Sun in Sagittarius Trine Mars in Aries. This aspect increases confidence, courage and energy. Unlike sextiles which are positive but require us to act on opportunities as they present. Trines are more natural flowing energy..the essence of the Law of Attraction. Sun trine Mars helps you get a handle and understanding on what you need to do. This is great energy for starting new projects All this fire energy also increases passion and sex drive.

Affirmations to work with

  • I am confident, powerful and strong.

  • I manifest positive circumstances in my life

Oracle & Tarot -Psychic Tarot: The Waiting Game/ 2 of Wands

This card speaks to the necessary planning before progress and making decisions. Like Sun sextile Mars, The Waiting Game/2 of Wands suggests that it will take courage and knowledge self to move into the new. Be guided by your passions and intuition. Two of Wands and Sun trine Mars in fire can make us a little hasty and impulsive. As the Rolling Stones sang: “Time is on my side..yes it is” be patient and methodical. Take inspired action and have the courage to exploring options

Crystal - Sugilite

Sugilite is a very powerful and protective crown chakra crystal that is great for empaths. A premier love stone, Sugilite helps you bond with your partner. Like the Aries/Sagittarius energies, Sugilite encourages freedom, confidence and awareness.This gorgeous purple stone boosts inspiration, creativity, and the desire to move forward. Like the Sagittarius energies Sugilite helps you to see the bigger picture and to live your truth.

Spirit Animal -Panda Bear

Panda is a self care Spirit animal that provides the Spiritual wisdom of Sagittarius and the willpower of Aries. Panda says be adaptable. Like the Mars/Sagittarius energies, Panda is resolute, determined and loves to explore new terrain. Panda Spirit is a problem solver is always willing to learn. Slowness and planning are they way of the Panda. Like Sugilite, Panda helps you to protect your energy and boundaries. Panda also reminds us that the best things take time so don’t feel rushed with all this fire energy.

Angel# - 542

Angel #542 is a manifestation number, but manifestation through flow like the trine energy. Your actions and plans are aligned with your purpose when 542 shows up. Like Panda, 542 speaks to investing in yourself. Do things that will increase your value. Like the Sun Mars connection in fire, #524 gives you a boost of courage and energy to keep going.

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