Hello, I am Neferititi and thank you for visiting my site. I am a Spiritual Teacher and Coach. My Specialties include Astrology, Crystal Healing, Yoga, Pilates, and Plant Based Nutrition. I also do Oracle and Tarot readings as well as channel messages from Spirit Animals and Angel Numbers. 


My Spiritual Journey has been beautiful, yet challenging. One of the reasons I struggled unnecessarily on my path was because I knew Spiritual terms and concepts, but didn’t fully understand how to apply them to my everyday life. It was frustrating having the knowledge and not the “know-how” or self-belief needed to make lasting changes in my life. I am so passionate about my mission to assist and serve as a guide to people who want to learn how to apply Spirituality and health to their lives in a practical way. Our lives only change when we are able to consistently and deliberately take action based on knowledge of self. 


I am thrilled that you are considering booking a service as support on your awakening journey. I look forward to working with you!

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